august is done...darn

what it is mi gente mi pana mi familia...

been on the low lately/the feds hate me...word up. tryin to live life before the summer is gone. then dear summer will be out of style. the yanks are trying to win trying to get back to the playoffs. hoping that we can do it.

september 11th is right around the corner. seems like just yesterday i was asleep and jamar wakes me up screaming the world is over. we have come so far and it has been 4 years of wars, terrorists, no wmd, mad conspiracies, and no end in sight. ..what you think the government is telling you the truth? when the gasoline to the monkey machine is the blood of our youth? i saw that national geographic crazy long documentary on 9/11(http://www.nationalgeographic.com/channel/inside911/).
when you start to do the research, our government had something to do with the deaths of thousands of Americans. the illuminati is extra real deal. check out some of the names of this thugged out crew (http://www.newamericancentury.org/)

check out these righteous sites:

holla at me folks...be coming at you soon with the puerto rico tour update...vaya en paz


what up i can make titles? cool....

luther vandross rip
if this world were mine house is not a home are classics......

props to my mama just went food shopping with her. fruit is incredible. i'm hooked on pina, manzana, melon, and clementines. fruit, pan con mantequilla and cafe con leche para desayuno.

shoutout to the baker/john family, up here for the weekend. trini food is great. roti, stew chicken, pahloori, and mofongo. sounds delightful.

about to take a siesta. will try to get the links up soon.

peace in the middle east


what it is my peoples-

took a little break from the cyberuniverse to reflect and enjoy the summer. been having a beautiful time during the vacation, just reading relaxing, resting, reflecting rhyming and writing. on the list:
Lost in The City, by Edward P. Jones
The Dew Breaker, by Edwidge Danticat
Where You At, by Patrick Neate
Soledad by Angie Cruz
Brutal Imagination by Cornelius Eady
The Ecstatic by Victor LaValle
This Bridge Called My Back, Cherrie Moraga y Gloria Anzaldua
among others.

been receiving some new heat from some producers. Shouts out to RonKain and Legitimate Productions, DJ Plainview, Chunky Rodriguez, and Marc Venom. Trying to get some stuff together for like soon.

And what is crazy is that I support underground hiphop. i respect the dudes in front of fatbeats who hustle that work.

Went to Black August this past Sunday. Immortal Technique tore it down as always. He is in full guerilla grind mode. I wish for an album with production by stoupe, primo, alchemist and cameos by dead prez and nas. Chuck D and M1 represented. Everything was crazy conscious.
Jaguar Wright is amazing!! run go cop that!! Boot Camp Clik was the throwback of century. Who got da props, bucktown, and soundbwoy burial was on fire!! I had to break before Kweli and MosDef. All and all a wonderful night.

Much better than Anger Management. We got in MSG just in time for 50 and GUNIT. If someone wanted to snipe 50, they would have had the chance because there was no security. smoke clouds billowed from the nosebleeds of the garden. I'm sure Patrick Ewing's jersey still is stinky. Gunit did their thing but i was screaming dblock the whole time. Really there could not be more of a stark difference in terms of where hip hop is at.

get at me

Holla folks I'll be around.