Props to SOPA

And so I am alive today
And I call that
Naomi Ayala

Fly the flag reconquering your essential space
No disclaimer for what’s already been given

Standing on top of past failures
Dancing over self denial
Brand new bugalu bangs with blessings

Message no longer be afraid of divine protection
Profession of faith is to stomp sin compromise

In face of criticism
Unmask yourself obvious villain

Jeepers evil stalks you
Shaking chair inviting beef as you soothe
Away anxiety with good news gathering

What have you done
Daring to exist fearless

Don’t let weakness be strongest attribute
Legacy testament to how tough you been

Next century smoothly circulate
Regenerative energy motivate ancestors to share

Despite lack of invitation you made presence visible
Stuck in critical statis
Undermines basis of self actualization

Sacrifice reputation
For sake in creating original path

Most awake when
Opportunity can be affirmed

Return to examine growth
Hope to not see you here
For quite some time

Do me a favor and get lost
Relocate where you should land

Safely enough whole flight
Give Bronx cheers for timely arrival

Participation crucial enthusiasm vital
Earn props for surviving

Predestined outcome of inevitable demise

Do not be shook to show how you’ve risen
All our problems are now forgiven

Peace Maestro. Props to El Profe and Capicu

Something Simple
After John Rodriguez

Mama asked
You out there
Writing or puffing

Poet on park bench paranoid
Can’t avoid being naked

Santos scream
You better slide quickly or
Suffer reefer percussions

Scribble noise
So proud to be Story Avenue
Sound View rough drafts
Noble nightmares

Left block any chance could
Even though gone
Carry Clason Point in backpack

Move in silence
To the head so loud
You still smoking

Shorties still bugging
Homies grew up
Brothers outta town
Papa’s clubbing
Mama’s moving

Body weary
Bleak pastel shades

Steaming heavy
Too early in morning

Love’s hangover
Lonely shadows

Slow dancing diablos
Throwing piropos at cielo
Charm a silver lining out cloudy sky

2015 heavy

Don’t sign away your life

Pow wow with proud people
Bring forth righteousness

Divine drop jewels round neck
Catch respect all praises for mazes
Meant to capture wide lenses frame

Broken ears repaired heart
Band aid round brain

Rabbit receiver plyers on black and white Vision
Prisons bended bars to let you taste freedom
Through hole in fence

Prevent shame from overpowering passion
Why did you begin rapping
Lurking remixes to love death pain happiness

Satisfied with malaise
Conquering inaction with professionalism

Maturity assuredly
Positive logical profitable blessings added
Each one like counting pennies

Who can be friendly
When acquaintance is convenient enemy

Wondering why you so lonely when you seek
Bitter company suffering solitude
When you should have happier attitude

Open windows look out pull shade
Pray to mirror give thanks to sky

All the reasons why lie outside
Go gather your semillas
To reap proper harvest

Charges against you been dropped
At the puddles you been splish splash

Catching chill at dusty elbows
Let your warmth thaw your frost

Add up the cost
Cancel out your weakness

What is this voice you speak of
Grappling ghosts
Deadening demons

Realize your potential is within
Shine of your gleaming

No more half stepping
Declaring dreams out loud