what's really hood. things have been great. let's see 30 sec post random mierda that has happened over the past week. Sessions, Harlem Book Fair, Maria Full of Grace(go see it!), Shyne and Young Buck albums (both fire), New Goodies, Moms is in Puerto Rico, d/l mad salsa, trying to learn to dance, trying to get the colonialism off my tongue out of my bones, going to PR in a few days, built with KC, added new material, and most important, the OPUS 2004 show.

My students have been working really hard this summer, and I want to give a big shout out to everyone who has discovered the Poetry is Life::Life is Poetry continuum. We read crazy poetry, watched Pinero and Slam, performed our own stuff, made some new friends, and became inspired. I learned a lot from watching and listening to yall- the next generation of Columbia graduates. Hold it down, make it happen. Tonight is your night.....Punto!

Gonna pop up soon, don't worry bout the kid.

you knew
what you know
when we needed
to know it
you say



what's the dilly, yo? I've been chilling just kicking it with my girl who got back from jamaica. no she don't smoke and she had an awful time over there. yall know i'm trying to get up over there.

saw bad boys of comedy a series that puff is putting together. was funny! especially my dog scratch off. "Say It"!

anybody saw def poetry? was pretty good hoping it can be better. it is crazy how the show is shaping people's lives in the poetry racket. for some it is positive exposure. others i'm left thinking what the f*ck are you doing on there and then you are going to blow up? damn where's the cottonpicking justice? it is all good. props to mayda, flaco, lemon and everyone else who is real on the show.

message to young poets. def poetry is cool, take it from me, but if you not on again, everybody asks, "yo when you gonna be on the show again? that shit was hot fams!"

chicharrons for thought
-the roots album is growing on me, but i'm sick that they left two songs off the us release. wtf?
-i' robot was on point except for gratitious will smith nude scenes.
-why haven't the knicks traded for anyone yet?
-soulstrut.com for your music needs.
-going to see maria full of grace tonite. go check it out.
-puerto rico in a few weeks. can't wait. don't think i'll be reading out there, but whatever.

holla at cha boy.


my bad folks been mad lazy with the blogging. life has been really really good.
random sh*t: the Roots album is FIRE, Kenny Dope Mixtapes are blazing, anybody who does poetry workshops holla at me, any journals get at me for submissions, any producers scream at me with a beat, the Knicks f*cking suck we need somebody soon, F*ck Miami and Shaq where's the justice 10 years after Pat Riley faxes his resignation he gets the best player in the game.
started my poetry class at columbia with the OPUS students. they are a cool bunch of young adults trying to adjust to the beast that is the first year of college especially at an Ivy league jumpoff. I feel like we have been doing incredible work and they have come a long way from the beginning. I'm definitely not giving them the conventional sh*t, I'm str8 up f*cking with their ideas of ars poetica. Peace to yall the talent show is coming up soon.
Also kicked it with my bro who came back into to town. got the chance to listen to some new sh*t, kick rhymes, build, ride around blaze and go to the copa on the last night he was here (tuesday 7/13). it was mad packed the drinks were in the system and it was peace.
in between all that went back up to my high school, Phillips Academy in Andover, MA to do a poetry workshop. People who know me know that I got better grades than President Bush there and I've had to bust my ass infinitely more harder than he has. Props to Lou Bernieri and the Andover Bread Loaf Program providing a writing summer session for kids from Lawrence schools. I always do an annual writing workshop with them and the teachers as well. This year I felt like I could really speak with some authority because I got my Master's and I have experience in the classroom. Also props to Logan and Dave, I had a great time in Jamaica Plains at Steve's party. Shout outs to Jose Dobles and Thuy, hope we can link up soon.
I'll be around the city folks so holla at me, I'll be writing on this more often.
The book is still coming.
Ms Baker Miss U already


happy belated bday USA. i can't say happy bday america because real talk america has existed long before it was called america. but props to thomas jefferson putting the ideal of all men created equal out there even if he was mad hypocritical.

what the f^ck is happening to the yanks? i know the mets fans are crazy hype and so are the redsox fans but it all comes down to october kid. i think we have a pretty good history there.

the fireworks were dope. the best seat in the house in front of the TV away from the police chillaxing as my kids would say.

go see "the first year" a documentary about the first year of teaching in california. doesn't get as real as my first year but all in all, anybody thinking about teaching should definitely peep it.

I have the new Roots album. i'm trying not to pass judgement but Star and Why? are definitely worth the purchase.

Saturday nite at the Nuyorican hardly anyone there but a great event. Karen Jaime, Kayo, Nathan P, Ian, Chief, Akil Dasaan, Pepe, Julio, Rocky, and other peoples all made the night worthwhile. Read some new sh!t from a one man show with an aspiring rapper character. Riding the D train tipsy listening to new Terror Squad and watching amateur porn film festival awards made it an alright evening.

mic check 1, 2 see if this thing works


what it is peoples. my bad i've been on the low just enjoying my summer vacation. life is good and I'm feeling refreshed. this evening for those who can make it i'll rocking down at the nuyorican as a part of kayo's snippets show. he is a real cool brother always putting on dope events. thing starts at 10pm.

waiting on the knicks to do something
waiting on the roots album to drop
waiting to go to puerto rico
waiting to light something
waiting to create
waiting to wait
waiting til break of dawn
waiting to move beyond
wanting to chill
trying not to chill
trying to live ill
waiting til the next check
wanting to get another one
waiting for the return of pun
trying to spit in the tradition of the great one
wanting to rub the shine of the sun all over
feeling blessed to see one more day
trying to do what i can
wanting to do more