what's good peoples,

life has been great just grinding teaching out in BK El Puente is an amazing place. the first week was incredible and went relatively smooth. just trying to do the best i can. friday night went out with my colleagues and explored the williamsburg bars. saturday went out to azaza to celebrate juan carlos' bday and saw all the peoples there. today trying to read some of my students' work. missing my girl and just enjoying each day as it comes. those folks who have story avenue please let me know your feed back.

october 1st feature at the nuyorican e 3rd st btw b +c doors open at 10 pm gonna be live please come through....

in the ears:
jzone a job ain't nuthin but work
foreign exchange connected
dj clue cherry lounge
jlove and suss one tributes to big pun
kayslay and papoose beast from the east
kayslay and alchemist
kayslay long live the king
alchemist 1st infantry crazy!!!
alchemist 2cd from jarmz instrumentals
any reggaeton i can get my hands on (oye mi canto and gasolina and pobre diabla)

shoutouts to bonafide i finally got a chance to read pelo bueno and i hope my book can be even half as nice....

important: http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=9662950
sign up and refer your peoples for a free ipod. I don't know if this works yet but let's see and try to get this sh*t working. only catch seems that you gotta sign up for columbia house or BMG. let's go!!!

The Yanks are doing big things. Even Roy Jones was forced to lean back (now twice).


for the official info on sneakers check out these links...i was blown away....

www.mixunit.com - for latest mixtapes....

peace folks get at me drop me a line just say hello....verizon shut me down temporarily...


what's the deal,

yesterday was one of the fullest days of my young life. I had my first day of classes with el puente students and it was real. got to know a bunch of youngsters from brooklyn. today we are doing an election teach in and my workshop is called hiphop and politricks.

then i went over to barnard computer to print out some poems for last nite's performance and some old b*tch runs up on me like who are you? if you are supposed to be helping someone, open up by saying how can i help you please. gotta deal with the not so subtle racism on the daily.

finally, the blue ox last nite. intensely incredible. the open mic was sick, everyone killed it. my parents were in the house along with my girl, the homies, and good people. the stars were in alignment for a great night of poetry. i tried to do my best considering i had a long day and by the time i got to the mic, i was exhausted. but the lyrical adrenaline started pumping and it was on. i blazed through a bunch of new stuff and i think peoples was feeling me. I recorded the whole performance. I told my parents i was about to get real with La Historia de Mi Corazon pt1 and 2. everything was beautiful and then for the first time ever in my life at a poetry event, i saw people thumping. it was even more real because these brothers are like family. only familia can do that. i hope that everybody involved is okay and whatever was the conflict is resolved and put it the past b/c acentos is too real for some petty beef. It is a beautiful space and doing righteous things.

pa'lante siempre pa'lante pana



check it out folks.

tomorrow night sept 14th acentos blue ox 140th & 3rd come through 7pm for dope open mic and then morales on the feature tip..lotta new sh*t...holla at your boy...peace


what it is folks...quick 2 week update...

-props to james madison university in harrisonburg va. had a great time out there...good luck to all the future teachers! props to kayo...

-props to boogie for the chance to perform in washington square park along with kahlil...excellent performance.

-props to karen jaime for the chance to rock the freshman orientation at nyu. big ups to desiree, carlos gomez, august, and jive poetic and many others for a memorable night...

happenings: the convention was absolutely horrible, the elephants in their high glory patting each other on the back for not doing sh*t. sunday's ufpj protest was amazing just like the one in feb/mar 2003 against the war. got into a shouting match with the conversative corner. crazy to see two colored people there so as I shake my head in disgust the dude starts singing que bonita bandera and says hey I'm boricua too papi! I'm an educated spic you should be over here! my how they have brainwashed you brother.

went to my brother's wedding (half Michael Jr) reception at villa barone the same spot where I had my 8th grade prom(maria cruz date). seen my uncle richie grandma esther aunt lucy and other people that I hadn't seen since my parents split up. f*cked how you don't speak to people for like 10 years, but they smile like they seen you yesterday. I'm a grown man, time heals most wounds.
pops was there in full effect with anonymous younger woman tearing up the dance floor. open bar was wild and the mc was getting the crowd hype with old school salsa and classic hiphop.

then I went to my boy drew's mother's wedding reception in darien ct. stark contrast backyard in mansion. had a good time chilling lighting up with jonathan b/sing with the peoples.

Congratulations to my peoples Nick and Nina for the soon to be addition to the family.

in the ears eyes mind: (movies albums dope sh*t)
foreign exchange (phonte nicolay banger)
jim jones on my way to church (dipset piff!!)
beatnuts milk me (da nuts!!! down is classic)
latino blue note
akil dasaan's new album
jackson 5
ali vegas (this kid's a problem)
papoose (watch out)

nicotina (mexican snatch)
te doy mis ojos
harold and kumar !!!!!
murda muzik (ghetto classic)
$2 de la vega tshirt
sick new balance
anything by adriana sage

trying to finish the masterwork yall. hopefully by the next entry it will be roughly almost exactly where I want to be. wish me luck. also wish me happy birthday b/c i'm trying to be done by the 7th (my 24th bday)

paz y progreso

ps sept 14th acentos blue ox bar 140th & 3rd ave ( 6 train to 138th)
october 1st nuyorican poets cafe 3rd st btw b + c ( f train to 2nd ave)

for jacqueline matta in springfield ma, in solidarity, ant

a classic yall
Where are My Boricuas?

I’m looking for my people
Have you seen where they went?
Miro por un lado y por otro
y no veo nadie

They are not here
I’m inspired by stoned crazy prophets
of revolution/giving poetic solutions
to political pollution of a United Steaks
nation of eggs cheese and bacon upon wakin’

Monday morning still dealing
with another Puerto Rican Obituary
Kevin Michael Hector Luz Maria
all died today will die again tomorrow
dreaming bout Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend
new Jordans Timbos Clue Tape tattoo on back
new lease next flip QP on OT
party @ Latin Quarters and Jimmys
and the Parade

La Bodega Sold Dreams
looseys 40s pantyhose liters of milk Dutches
I seen my muneca mulatta under moonlight
this was the making of a cuchifrito love affair
taking me from Loisaida to Spring Garden Philly
to Albizu Campos Blvd in Chicago

Young Lords set it off
sanitation strikes cleaned streets
claimed Dona Libertad
ended up in rehab broadcasting the news
reborn struggle in Vieques
navy bombing bones of protestors underground
neighbors surround in vigil of cancer stricken children

population was problem
police patrol poolrooms poverty plateau
plantations pulverized families polarize
Operation Bootstrap
Pan Tierra Libertad
Bread Land Liberty
no confession to sterilization killing spree
or military state
Palm Sunday Massacre 1937
Jayuya to Don Pedro
everyday’s a birthday with America

We of marinated blood on machete minds
telenovela nobility
como pajaros en cielo mobility
cinquillo salsa boom bap
mofongo mantequilla melts magic on toasted bread
halos circle our heads
151 soaks for the dead
leather palm slaps skin
hear miky tito albizu and pun’s whispers in the wind

When tyranny’s law revolution is order
Motherland must be loved as a woman is loved
spiritually physically
she’s not open to discussion
if so then with bullets

It’s like the reincarnation of the night
before when my ashtray became
a cemetery for all my lost memories

Understand you? If wasn’t trying I would have killed you
stone dead punk

Oye como va
Mi ritmo bueno pa gozar mulatta

Cash pays and rules/root of all evil/shoot on amigos/
for loot and perico polluting our people

Enter my world of doom/consume fear feel the panic/
ram a lightning bolt between Earth Moon Stars
curl the planet

Where are my Boricuas?!
Aqui mismo
Mi gente
Pa’lante siempre pa’lante