good night gorilla, good night moon

Anocheci enfermo
            Amaneci bueno…..

                                                                        -Jay Wright, “The 2nd Eye of the World”

watch the clock
run away without any sleep
during quiet twilight hours

should have taken sedative much earlier
to calm down caffeine

glad to make mother into grand generation
moves faster than you can stand

take steps deep breaths oxygen enough
to rock you to slumber comfortably

love the space given on divine clouds
connection to earth’s crust

truth is snoring loudly with eyes closed
slow motion slur

times passes so quickly all a blur
ponds and puddles never disturbed
try skipping rocks across wet surface

Jesus marched faithfully over deepest waters
you can barely take acid rain drops
stinging you on both temples

what images and memories
dreams and doubts dance around your mental

is it possible replace your escape
staying stuck within stubborn mindstate

don’t show up for your blessings too late
resurrection will give you a chance to elevate

Life will be better when you awake


Technical Knock Out

Go to sleep one arm over eyes
All the lights on TV still blaring

Inheriting parental nods leaning on couches
Good groove early temper flare

Never learned to deal with anger effectively
Challenging self to become better

Surrounded by books magazines newspapers
Vinyl tapes CDs videos pictures

Various forms of media designed
To provide insight side profile PBS

Art of elocution practice BS jive and shuffle
How will you hustle legally

A little thievery just to get ahead
Quicker faster make sure your resume

Stands out from the pile
Qualifications guaranteed by best effort

Superb in ghetto gifted and talented
Now mediocre by college prep

Grind to study greater gain from ultimate sacrifice
Ancestors’ decisions to hold steady
To rocky dreams of mountains tragedy

Fountains of youth’s apathy
All hail illuminati majesty
That controls your powerful path

Where is the happiness during
Those funky cloudy days

Where the path out the maze
Is never absolutely clear

Hold your faith as your passion

Please don’t fall victim to fear in every thought
Behind every blink

Within each inch
Just a pinch is usually enough

Hard to add up when all mathematics
Terribly fuzzy

Who could ever love me
As much as those in closed quiet
20 Clason Point Lane

So much has changed
Hardly much remains except
What occurs between suenos that left you sweating

Regretting everything you never said
All that you wished you could have screamed

Randomly out loud while watching evening news
About a world we barely understand

How much we could do
With the tiny slice we have

Must grab attention with your GODLY ACTIONS
One day you wake up

You are old
How quickly does your VIDA happen? 


Gloria Gloria

Embrace your faith never fear
Certain melodies move you to point
Of tears trickling down face

Flowing like johnny pump deluge
Flood block with puddles of pain

Easy to walk over worry
Rhyme calmly find moments of tranquility

Qualities of quitters quite a few
How will you best spend your time
Past curfew with lights out

Juggling bubbling variety of vanity
Many ways of processing sanity

Screwed a little loose too much room to play
Can easily trip over extension

No pretending are you for real?
Won’t ever reveal what you can’t conceal

Your obnoxious is obvious
Procrastination participation within populace

In love with lack of consequence
Every utterance noxious nonsense

One way circling around twisted lane

So much depends upon
Who exits who remains

Exchange foreign of pleasantries
More comfortable with weaponry

No subliminals directly tell you
Death is what you selling me

No returns no money back
No concern while you burn
Away what you lack

Compounded by your slack
Hard horizon won’t let you iron out issues

What if imaginary pistils in palms
Blasted flowers from finger dandelion shots
Allow wishes instead of vicious revenge

End only momentary pause
Next breath next lifetime seeking source

Mainframe outline thousand approximate pixels
In fuzzy picture

Memory faded photographic
Turbo rapid fire

Can never press buttons fast enough
To activate next levels without defeating
Enemies flawlessly remarkably

When passed mic with infinite audience
Words are lost never simple to encounter

Complex divine design
Crooked line please don’t step outta