Gentrification Poem

An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war – Mark Twain

Stock full of flaws

Laughable if not miserable execution of humans
For no other reason than profit

Infinite bankroll for generations of grands
Stand upon stolen land speaking foolishly
Reaping benefits much to the dishevelment of barrios

Vulture capitalists smell rotting realty from 2 towns past
Crush corners put up luxury condos

Hood been gone yo
No signs of quick recovery

Crills and welfare stunted elevation
Same poison brand new packaging

Unraveling mysteries as you unwrap
Reassemble thin leaves

Sending smoke signals to confused stars
Wondering where you are
Why are you calling me with your petty concerns

On otherside of world
Bombs dropped on baby showers
Baptism was burning even corpses got charred

Monsters in administration
Violence makes them villians

Who is being protected
Who has all the weapons

What will it take for Joe Saltine to learn lesson
See beyond complexion

Who is illuminati machine really oppressing
Nightly news with Brian Williams is your check in

plastic bag in breeze


Got love for empty hearts waiting to be filled
All that pain makes life real like your nerves are tingling

How much happiness do you let linger
Float around on faith; each follower wants you to fail

Can’t swim your ship already sailed
Deepest point of ocean go overboard and take dive

Blessings provided for you to survive
Angry mundo always plotting revenge
Towards open sky when you have reached end

Each of us perfect blend
Powerful seasonings marinated

Pobre nino don’t know where to look for hopeful hug

Streets will grip you and trip you
Evil will rip you from warm clutches

Diablo will tempt with truest desires something luscious
So much nonsense almost nauseous
When bugging out never too cautious

Truth is consequences are easily predicted
Insisted on your way now you have little say
On decisions determining final arrival
Accumulation at speed of snowflakes descent

Pray to live decent
Dip at most recent gravity

Primitive instinct with unlimited gimmicks
Intimate spirits within inanimate objects
Flawed logic stunts growth process

In la manana
Love is all we need to acknowledge


where you been at

please don't call it a comeback
been here as long as tears taken to dry

was that fly on the wall during every reading
was there in spirit when you slammed your heart

we all caught the blood
everyone fought the web wrapped around
nightmares right where the needle
meets the vinyl groove before first note
causes you to rewind selector

bring back that classsic from the top
no need for external affirmation
to make my dreams pop will believe
in personal possibility until gravity
drops apples causing epiphany

rapidly actually statistically if was
going with easy entropy likely wouldn't
even exist i won't ask for your permission
to cause you to listen

there won't be any choice
to acknowledge this voice
calling for recognition off rooftops

the air will pick up frequency across
breeze carry across seas causing ripples
in puddles every poem pieces to puzzle

don't need your help to make me spit
but sing along to my struggle

speak up

Say it like you mean it

Pa’lante Ashe
Que Viva Mi Gente Para Siempre

There must be some reason
Behind the evil they speaking

Figure it out
With what
Is staring
At you

So tired
Is like
Winning the lotto

The musty musk
Of seasoned funk
In the stale air

Seems like
I only
Touch myself
Fall asleep
Wide awake
Still with
All my problems


Lo que
Me gusta
Arroz con pasta

Can’t quite
Put my finger
On exactly what
Is holding
Me down

If only
Was the phrase
That never paid
This kid
From regrets

For the final act
I guess I was
Supposed to
Bring it all together
When everything
Feels so apart

Probably not
If you followed me
It would be
A joke
You couldn’t stop laughing

All the money I owe
I’m still paying
For shit
I never use

Whatever you will
Will be the curse
All those mistakes
Made still feels
Like the first

As I sit here
Wherever it maybe
I’m not
breaking any laws
Just by being

I swear
There is
out there
than this

I want
To remember myself
As one of
The greatest
Who didn’t have
Enough time

You go
Right now
You do

you gonna get this work

For me it was all about figuring this shit out. I know I took my sweet time with everything but I guess the lord has her own script for the way I’m living. Sometimes I’d like to think that those visions are entwined, but I’m often shown otherwise. So I bask in those small moments that remind me that what I’m going through is so much bigger than I am. Only a small dot infinitismal molecule in the galaxy of humanity. Just trying to keep moving every day like the sun shines new light on old scars in the hood.

So what is the deal? Statis, nothing else fams. If I tried to tell you otherwise I’d might be someone else. But me, stuck on the block with the same old folks doing the clich├ęd same old shit. Really. Even if you ask them, what’s good, they say, same old shit. As if we don’t have different bowel movements each time we eat something else. But what can you do when the only option are Kansas Fried, Kee Hing Chinese Restaurant, Hot Millions, snack cakes and sour powers washed down with High Fructose Sugar Water? So all that schooling, even going round the country and the Caribbean still got you in the same spot you was drooling as a young’n. Thinking that hanging out with the dropouts and criminals was going to instantly add to that the street credibility you been so desperate for. Like that saying you take the man out the ghetto but you can’t get the cold corners dark lights and smoky rooms from the soul. It stays trapped in the walls of your skin like that metallic musk you smell when you step in the elevators and sazon sticking to the hallways of your hope.

Where I’m at? Right in the back park, headphones on, zoned out, looking at the moon shift shape in the purple sky while the clouds cling on to the good memories of today trying to make the pain go away so that the sunrise can be brighter tomorrow. Analyzing the parts of myself that I keep hidden tucked away like the secrets behind my eyelids. Most likely just catching my breath while about to breeze around the city, scooping inspiration from the beast when the conga man bangs boogaloo on his bongo, the iron horse rumbles to the next stop, hopefully I will be getting wherever on time at least within reasonable colored people tardiness. Right to action.

But what happens when the words aren’t enough? Do we ever stop being poetry in life?

i wonder where this kid is

For Luis B aka S Gramz

How many will you have to sell
For your dreams to become closer?

How much work will you have
To put in before your hood credentials
Are officially certified?

Do you
Care about?

Where are you when you are not
In school learning?

Please, young brother,
Don’t just be another fool burning

This bridge is connected
To wherever you want to go

Hoping tomorrow will be
Brighter than all those
Dark yesterdays

When will you exit from the corner’s
Maze but you gotta follow directions

If you scream loud enough you might find
Perspective speaking straight from corazon

Block holds half the questions all the lies
Puddles reflect wishes of eager sky
Against bitter breeze

How strong will you have to flap your wings
To stay fly?