peace chewy, mr. h, biggz, shyne, s gramz, every other shorty.

Yung Boi Swag

How you get fucked up in your own dreams
Fist moving mad slow
Aggy cuz I can’t G mack
One day I want a scar right above my eye
If you go in gotta be hard
No soft punk shit boi
I got that matrix swag
Flipping on these bitches cuz
I’m never cuffin my chat game wavy
Silva surf on dumb smut
For enough brains to make me smart
Sucka wanna front got the ratty on deck
Hammer make your brains spill
Until I catch a victims respect
Street sweeper will clear the block up
Fiends need fresh work for me to chop up
How you figure I’ma get locked up
Nah that’s for stupid dudes trying to get caught
My thoughts is worth millions
Mind built for the highlights of the game
Hood is lame I’m loyal to me
Purpose son is to keep shining and stay free
Young and wild be this way
Forever until infinity

Chill why you trying to play me
Curious about the corner
Don’t try to violate
I’m bout to fix and wash you up real clean
Brolic monster about to go
Funkmaster Flex and HAM on you
Aight then how you feel
Mental mixxy off what I’m sipping
Toxxie my liver finished
They watching too many movies
Trying to be characters
Bootleg on the avenue
Would let you know what the shit
Is about but you ain’t seen it yet
So I don’t wanna blow it up
Don’t hold up roll up
Put your true feelings in the sky
Be real with the mirror so the universe
Will see your honesty clearly
What will be the final verdict
On that exclusive you haven’t even heard it
Hip hop quotables verses hot fire
Enough to melt freezing temperature
In middle of corazon

I will squeeze first then run

peace willie. enjoy exeter.

“You expect the spotlight to be as bright
As the last time you got on stage
But the page flipped
& you got left out the next chapter”
 – Word to everything I love, Willie Perdomo

All your references have been misquoted
Your historical realities have been distorted
Footnotes been found out as false
As your pain emphatically placed between parenthesis
You figured the reading wouldn’t start on time
Fronting to be fashionably late to your own feature
This presentation co sponsored
By doubting Thomas foundation
Your confident culture coalition
Advised by outsiders antagonizing your apathy
Imagined those bright lights to take to bigger cities
Still by the streetlights you haven’t traveled
Beyond the 4 block radius of your hood
Magnus opus magnified by your misfortunes
Misread your own palms           holding on
Instead of letting go       hip hop quotable
Vocal trapped local      waking up everyday in the hood
Just blinking                  you won’t go global
Journals been jogging                no looking back
Lyrics versus spirit on this mission

Make a quick pick                    so you can hit the Mega

peace tony medina

How to Be an American
            After Tony Medina

Adopt the Constitution as your Holy Bible
America Fuck Yeah is your ring tone
Pledge Allegiance to Fox News in HD
The Declaration of Independence was
only kidding about equality
Uncle Sam is always pointing out he wants you!
Captain America and Superman
are the Department of Homeland Security
Speedy Gonzalez and Taco Bell Dog
are your Mexican Idols
All Country and Bluegrass songs
will have Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya remixes
Follow your TV’s instructions
Sell your destiny for discount on Ebay

Have corporations sponsor your body
This synapse has been sponsored by Cisco
Every nipple named after Nextel
Lips provided by Loews’ Cinemas
Eyes reflected by RayBan
Medulla Oblongatta by Microsoft
Air you breathe provided by Apple
Private parts endorsed by Nike Just Do It
Describe all of these brands louder than your last name

Realize the President is more powerful than the Pope
Sell dimebags of democracy downtown
Hustle your halo why are you still holding on?
Consign kilos of confusion
Corner the markets with colonialism

Have a business plan for your beefs
in this day and age
no reason you can’t profit from pain

Buy freedom from the local farmers
but you will find your future in the freezer
right by the rotisseried bald eagle
meat juicy crunchy skin
tasty enough to suck marrow from bones
whether you like your liberation

fried or roasted


back to school


Shorties are leaning
Barely dreaming

Just moving through the day
Waiting to get to the night

Facing all their frights
As the light grows dimmer

Eating breakfast as dinner
Never feeling a winner

Always called a sinner
Never a saint

Painted pictures are murals
Telling dead homies to rest in power

In final hours just burning sour
With extremely sweet wraps

Show me what you got
And I’ll let you go

Cherries glow under chinky eyes
Never focused on the prize

Promise never delivered
Returned to false hopes

Where bubbles disappear
In foul breeze

Seizing the spirit to pray
Take control of time

Make those moments work for you
Minimum stage
Maximum gain

How will you profit from your pain
Instead of syndicating your shame

Wanna talk to young G’s
Partners are posers
Lames who play same mind games

Nothing left but
To stay brown and grow old

Keep your crown shining
Be brilliant and bold

pause and


something actual past unrealistic

soul's inspiration will take you past current earth

wanting tomorrow's sky to take you away

leaving on that next plane

just because you played

doesn't mean that you made an impact on the game

bleary eyed but got no reason to be mad

tired haven't comprehended

difficult deadassness of sadness

made a mess of your stresss

never could rise to the standard of success

held back within a harness around your hatred

so impatient could barely wait to levitate

white concrete with chocolate soil underneath

un nino bueno

slowly building heat boiling releasing steam

captured on sweaty windows

put up a guard to find your god

please don't fall out the picture

all scriptures translated for holy gospel

nothing sounds impossible

unless you are out of view


Stay on task

continue to be proactive towards success

only one standing in your way

is your shadow

can't blame another for your stalled progress

consequence might be immediate or delayed

either way

you must face forward

never behind

2 lights left circling 24 hour deli

toasted sandwiches available

when belly growls

wind howls matches mean mug scowl

owls never close their eyes

white owl cigars make you addicted to more lies

sounding like truth

fast food delivered sloppily

opening  foggy eyes making blue skies seem cloudy

grey dulls sharp shoulders

jagged elbows becoming smooth joints

make up points to project emjambment

allusion to aversion feeling pain in person

still searching for purpose beneath surface

weight on world heavy burden on delicate back

we all have many theories

how many supported with actual facts

no no you relax

how when

no moments ever tranquil?

Always keep it moving

not even a second

to dream away day

peace mikey and corey, all pets go to heaven.

Light that shines special

for Mikey and Corey

can never forget you

thank you for letting me pet you

scratch that belly

behind ear below the fur

we all have constant itches

glitches in finite matrix

allowing for human contact

never domesticated

each moment was sacred

passionate solo if only just to dream

watch streetlights dance across

tomorrow's hopeful horizon

don't let the wind take away your ham

how thirsty are you for success

instant comfort mere humble mortal

blessed clock ticking away

from moment you emerge

make every word count

can you add up all the afterlifes

you wish you could regenerate

following tragic deaths

not a game

every day practice to refine

your simple skills

of breathing eating sleeping repeating

keeping company

bundle up snuggle to keep heart warm

safe spaces

that allow you to share

creative journey

a dot

pinch of dust

on a Planet Rock that can't stop

won't stop sun will continue grooving

moving towards love

around every corner

never worry

always walking beside

Mikey meow

Corey bark

in doggy kitty heaven

forever staying alive