peace chewy, mr. h, biggz, shyne, s gramz, every other shorty.

Yung Boi Swag

How you get fucked up in your own dreams
Fist moving mad slow
Aggy cuz I can’t G mack
One day I want a scar right above my eye
If you go in gotta be hard
No soft punk shit boi
I got that matrix swag
Flipping on these bitches cuz
I’m never cuffin my chat game wavy
Silva surf on dumb smut
For enough brains to make me smart
Sucka wanna front got the ratty on deck
Hammer make your brains spill
Until I catch a victims respect
Street sweeper will clear the block up
Fiends need fresh work for me to chop up
How you figure I’ma get locked up
Nah that’s for stupid dudes trying to get caught
My thoughts is worth millions
Mind built for the highlights of the game
Hood is lame I’m loyal to me
Purpose son is to keep shining and stay free
Young and wild be this way
Forever until infinity

Chill why you trying to play me
Curious about the corner
Don’t try to violate
I’m bout to fix and wash you up real clean
Brolic monster about to go
Funkmaster Flex and HAM on you
Aight then how you feel
Mental mixxy off what I’m sipping
Toxxie my liver finished
They watching too many movies
Trying to be characters
Bootleg on the avenue
Would let you know what the shit
Is about but you ain’t seen it yet
So I don’t wanna blow it up
Don’t hold up roll up
Put your true feelings in the sky
Be real with the mirror so the universe
Will see your honesty clearly
What will be the final verdict
On that exclusive you haven’t even heard it
Hip hop quotables verses hot fire
Enough to melt freezing temperature
In middle of corazon

I will squeeze first then run

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