Stay on task

continue to be proactive towards success

only one standing in your way

is your shadow

can't blame another for your stalled progress

consequence might be immediate or delayed

either way

you must face forward

never behind

2 lights left circling 24 hour deli

toasted sandwiches available

when belly growls

wind howls matches mean mug scowl

owls never close their eyes

white owl cigars make you addicted to more lies

sounding like truth

fast food delivered sloppily

opening  foggy eyes making blue skies seem cloudy

grey dulls sharp shoulders

jagged elbows becoming smooth joints

make up points to project emjambment

allusion to aversion feeling pain in person

still searching for purpose beneath surface

weight on world heavy burden on delicate back

we all have many theories

how many supported with actual facts

no no you relax

how when

no moments ever tranquil?

Always keep it moving

not even a second

to dream away day

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