peace willie. enjoy exeter.

“You expect the spotlight to be as bright
As the last time you got on stage
But the page flipped
& you got left out the next chapter”
 – Word to everything I love, Willie Perdomo

All your references have been misquoted
Your historical realities have been distorted
Footnotes been found out as false
As your pain emphatically placed between parenthesis
You figured the reading wouldn’t start on time
Fronting to be fashionably late to your own feature
This presentation co sponsored
By doubting Thomas foundation
Your confident culture coalition
Advised by outsiders antagonizing your apathy
Imagined those bright lights to take to bigger cities
Still by the streetlights you haven’t traveled
Beyond the 4 block radius of your hood
Magnus opus magnified by your misfortunes
Misread your own palms           holding on
Instead of letting go       hip hop quotable
Vocal trapped local      waking up everyday in the hood
Just blinking                  you won’t go global
Journals been jogging                no looking back
Lyrics versus spirit on this mission

Make a quick pick                    so you can hit the Mega

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