what it is folks. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FINALLY!!! my bad it has been a minute since I have had some true free time to reflect and think about life. the everyday grind of teaching is exhausting. after mega drama with the administration at my school, i received my apology and i feel like we should be able to move on. somebody questioning my commitment to my kids community and self was truly bugging.

go see fahrenheit 9/11. wasn't blown away by the information, but more so how he framed his argument that bush was down all along. the idiot is wiser than we think and he is being manipulated by a bunch of people. go check out project for the new american century. you will see some familiar names who ride with bush. yes the movie is biased but what film is not? what sort of media is not biased? i just so happen to share the slant so i like the jawn.

Shoutout to people i saw at 106th and Park not BET but the graffiti hall of fame which every year gets repainted and sprayed. some ill designs out there.

tried playing some ball and running a mile. whew. i'm feeling more and more like al bundy everyday.

i'll be at the nuyorican july 3rd for an event with kayo. real cool brother and excellent poet. looking forward to the gig.

it has been a crazy two year journey in this teaching thing. incredible high even worst lows i can't call it. just looking forward to the summertime with my books, journals and lady.

those people who i've wanted to talk to forever, now is the time to holla. I got nothing but time.

en la lucha


what's good folks counting the seconds until the school year is over. this year has been tough because challenges have presented themselves every chance. be it poetry or schools, life has been rough. through it all, i have performed at crazy schools, made some decent dough, and been able to continue my career. best part of the year: performing in the auditorium in front of mega 7th graders. worst part of the year: continual surprises from my school over schedule changes and waiting on checks from schools i rocked.

being broke is a thing of the past. unfortunately, the past is still here in the present and i'm tired of that sh*t. financial stability has to happen soon.

i don't know if i'll be doing that movie this summer. homegirl is frontin' for real, and i know i want my pieces back if it is not jumpin off.

go see napoleon dynamite. sometimes i feel as awkward as that kid.

sorry bronx prep. life is too crazy right now for me to try to a good job there. invite me back.

sorry amex. thanks for understanding.

cop that jadakiss album. everybody should be up on "Why?" one of the most flavor songs i've heard in a while. also Havoc did the beat. "by your side" is the jumpoff.

lloyd banks. the verdict is still out, but he did not disappoint me as bad as canibus. when he gets deep, he is his most lyrical.

papoose- the next dude. verbally sicker than most nyc mixtape rappers. i just hope it translates into a good album.

go check out daphatspot.com in my links page. you can get much of the stuff i listen to over there.

in the ears:
kon & amir transeuro pop express
zoilo esta en el bano - salsa afro beat mix
masta killa album
lloyd banks
jada champ is here & kiss of death
big pun capital punishment
j armz how to be an mc 19

in the mind:
hip hop story by heru ptah
smoking lovely by willie perdomo
immigrant iceboy bolero by martin espada
story avenue by anthony morales (constant reading!!!)

stay up...til the next session...


what it is folks my bad on the delay been experiencing technical difficulties. been a crazy week try to give highlights

-tuesday rich villar's feature at the blue ox. crazy next level niceness. rich is one of the coolest most genuine people in the scene. big ups to all the acentos poets. i was truly inspired.

thursday went with ejima to see rupee, my first soca concert ever. if i could compare him with anyone it would be kevin little of turn me on fame. good night.

-friday my boys threw me a party @ azaza on the 50th. everything was great had my own drink (orange pina vodka) and mad peeps there. shoutout to ejae my girl's sister. i had a great time until there was drama. props to hibi, yaqub, drew, and everyone else i can't remember right now.

-saturday after recovering from friday, just chilled. got the new jada and lloyd banks along with jarmz vol 19. chilled with juma waugh and called it an early night.

-sunday saw control room a documentary about aljazeera. if folks haven't heard about this most definitely check it out. it will shape how you see the US media that's for sure. then just chilled out and saw the lakers lose. i can't feel bad for the bball yankees.

check out: hiphop story by heru ptah
real men do yoga
the ecstatic by victor lavalle

book is coming. holla.


true heads recognize.....prendalo. shoutout to willie.

Haze Hi/Lo

eyes glazed
& red
from too many
blunts to the head

lids heavy
neck nod
all that purp smoke
thought you saw God

no ill fitted
crisp white tee
brand new kicks
dipped out gear

will make
you be
what you
could have been

-Morales, 2004

one more.....
What’s really good
Life love livin’
real talk not that much
you aint kiddin’

Money when it’s here

when the police aint out
nothin’ to fear

bein’ here another year
that kid from 7 corners
day care with the wavy hair

My smile on a bad day
My frown on a good day

all those hours
clouds broken by the sun

when we gotta
no longer run eatin’

crib Mistolin fresh

clothes creased

cut crispy

crema con dulce
dutches twisted right

sessions where we rhymed
all night

if I got what I want
even if I did not

every second I feel watched
from up above He is my Guide

last for the crew
skeleton bones
in crowded closets

We survived
-Morales, 2004

if yall was here yesterday quick change up but back to the real. i keeps the blogs gully. holla @ me. uno.


what up folks. life has been hectic as usual, but i am counting down the days until the school year is done. in comparison to my first year, this has been a different set of challenges. learning how to have patience is my number one lesson i will take from this place. learning to have self-control in the face of mindboggling incompetence is another. not that the whole experience has been bad. props to the real teachers at my school.

sometimes butterflies
dance around the discotec
called my courage

cono que hay mucho
crackers to'ito Yanqui
blanquitos thick here