what's good folks counting the seconds until the school year is over. this year has been tough because challenges have presented themselves every chance. be it poetry or schools, life has been rough. through it all, i have performed at crazy schools, made some decent dough, and been able to continue my career. best part of the year: performing in the auditorium in front of mega 7th graders. worst part of the year: continual surprises from my school over schedule changes and waiting on checks from schools i rocked.

being broke is a thing of the past. unfortunately, the past is still here in the present and i'm tired of that sh*t. financial stability has to happen soon.

i don't know if i'll be doing that movie this summer. homegirl is frontin' for real, and i know i want my pieces back if it is not jumpin off.

go see napoleon dynamite. sometimes i feel as awkward as that kid.

sorry bronx prep. life is too crazy right now for me to try to a good job there. invite me back.

sorry amex. thanks for understanding.

cop that jadakiss album. everybody should be up on "Why?" one of the most flavor songs i've heard in a while. also Havoc did the beat. "by your side" is the jumpoff.

lloyd banks. the verdict is still out, but he did not disappoint me as bad as canibus. when he gets deep, he is his most lyrical.

papoose- the next dude. verbally sicker than most nyc mixtape rappers. i just hope it translates into a good album.

go check out daphatspot.com in my links page. you can get much of the stuff i listen to over there.

in the ears:
kon & amir transeuro pop express
zoilo esta en el bano - salsa afro beat mix
masta killa album
lloyd banks
jada champ is here & kiss of death
big pun capital punishment
j armz how to be an mc 19

in the mind:
hip hop story by heru ptah
smoking lovely by willie perdomo
immigrant iceboy bolero by martin espada
story avenue by anthony morales (constant reading!!!)

stay up...til the next session...

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