visiting andover 15 years later pt 2

…...these buns may very well be....
after AfLatAm 45th Reunion Weekend

blessings cloaked as controversial rejection
passing denial deaded with polite d├ęcor

mellow magic bedside manner so fidgety
you killed the mood even before possibility

let's broach bullshit approach nostalgia
with sense of getting family comfortable

presence requires greatness beyond sacred

what awaits after Great Lawn walking out
on song and dance same ol' shuck and jive

dig within archives to find ancient footage
timeless elevation

please crown me king
but don't call me brother
if you don't share my hustle

abstract art needs better frames
reference forgotten ideas fast

as smoke dances
under quiet streetlight tailgate

we fail to escape barbed wire gates
wrapped around memory lane

you have an obligation in perpetuity
preach community pride fluently

code switch at speed of claves clapping
behind your deeper conversations

adding action to jovial nonchalant rhetoric

give you imperative incentive
to respect my inherited Spanglish slanguage

visting andover 15 years later

Non sibi - “not for one's self”
FINIS ORIGINE PENDET - “the end depends on the beginning”

lawns are great if you own that much property
bequeathed on your behalf
ain't gonna get beheaded
because you could buy your way out of that jam
perpetual plans extend long past original epiphany
realize no one will give you a sympathy for failure
to follow through only fool left is you
standing in mirror under street spotlight
declaring you want to be the star of your own show
lack of sellout means you have stayed true to your story
sacrificed childhood so your future would be misunderstood
told you as many ways as possible
your life has to be the opposite
logic based off ghetto conflict
why do our people hate each other with such vigor
ancient history can be found in recent pictures
what purgatory exists in the miniscule middle
what are the riddles and reasons within your rhymes
back to revisit those good ol days
where your hunger was louder than whiteboys rock next door
when you could ask so much
comprehend absolutely nothing but just enough
acting so tuff to cover up issues at home
bubbling below surface could sense tension
when back from vacation any freedom is welcome
when off school plantation
who knew you be saving your father from being a vegetable
somewhere somehow there is truth in all those jive stories
made me look at my block Clason Point Gardens
between Lafayette Metcalf Noble and Story
beauty of barrio barred like barbed wires
telephone cable someone roofed old Forces
source of inspiration declaration wanting recognition
someone got to yell from benches in back park
WE ARE HERE been deep rooted like roses soft thorns
why do we bear burden of distant scorn
vagabonds who carry contraband in worn luggage beneath eyelids
so when we blink you can unlawfully search our curtains
releases shackles surroundings ankles wrists
brain stopped and frisked whipped into red velvet cake batter
one more ingredient in devil's apple pie
make sure your seasonings sazonrific
soul been solid
lyrics are liquid
molecules disappear to gas