are you still listening?

Dear Life, where are you taking me next?

Scream directly into my ears
Transcribe beauty of perpetual existence

No happy pill or butterfly effect
Will allow the perfect life

You think you know me
But you barely know yourself

Alegria Alafia brinca fuma baila
Feel rhythm rocking you until pen breaks

Elementary elevation
From cradle to cemetery

Draw blood to get a proper physical
Examine each strand of DNA for contaminated contraband

Make sure from balding head to big toe bunion is straight
Looking backwards only means you might bump into

Where you headed forward motion lets you sing hey!
Bring in the funky drummer keeping tempo
With eventual ending

Until then we shall
Stomp feet
Palms raised in salutation

Salvation from fingerlicking greasy bottom
Absolutely easy to sell your soul
Guaranteed routines

How do we pretend until mask breaks
Cracks façade

Praises due to divine gods wonderful angels
Paint yourself saintly complete with halos and wings

Float into any altercation ready to sprinkle
Good and bad onto each shoulder

Contact will end conflict
Faith will free you

Be focused and committed to continual living
As long as you are allowed to breathe

Be inspired by opportunities to change tomorrow
Explain the pause for the cause to consider

Where we should be going instead of likely demise
What is a justifiable criminal enterprise
Profitable enough to project prophetic visions

When you walk let love speed your way
Heartbeats twostep a tiny dance

Moving fingers past margins
Observe lies between the lines
Difficult to find parts of your mind left behind

Don’t want you to be shaky
Where have you been lately

Saving up for seconds of sanity
Becoming hours of hope

Searching for stanzas to push paragraphs pa’lante
For brighter mananas

Promise love ASHE


~N get the tilde right

You are not a pawn

Solo necesito amor y paz
Peace absence of tension

No pretending underlying agenda
Ultimatum take it or leave

How happy we are
When we first deceive
Hard to believe

Years evaporate with the quickness
Here you lay

In the midst of rubble strewn
Thrown away discarded

Old memories
Hard to target
Against wooden canvas

What remains after the damage
Unseen unheard mystery

Theory conspiracy all confirmed
Programmed to be part of plan

Don’t violate own code of ethics
What is most required
Your effort opposite of evil

Love can never be lethal

Harboring darkest secret can eat you
Internal inferno

Make it rain journals
Deep discovery

Carrying heaviest luggage
Below tattered portals

Don’t get caught in vortex
Of revenge and envy

We are blessed with plenty
Sufficient you should be satisfied

Sky done cried
Yelled for your yearning

No more yawning
Brand new era of energy
Is dawning

Rejuvenating respawning
Every 7 years

Godly menu
Sampling of select craft beer
World’s oldest beverage
Water and fermented yeast

Demented instinct to keep feeding the beast

Inquire frequently
Where have you been lately
What could you possibly need
To question when passion has been lacking

Clashing of tired titans
Exchanging pleasantries of sweet nothings

Crumbling pieces of cookies
Naïve thesis of rookie

Veteran of boogie down
Polishing shine of crown
While battling colonial depression

Reading Drown and Down These Mean Streets
Where a Nickel Costs a Dime
You could be Smoking Lovely
Seeing a Beautiful Struggle

Loving your Pelo Bueno
En a City that Never Sleeps
La Bodega Sold Dreams

But reality was more often
Puerto Rican Obituary
Stay inspired by Black Statue of Liberty
Singing the 7th Octave for SHE

No Noose is Good Noose
In this Republic of Poetry

Where we Imagine Angels of Bread
Cuba and His Teddy Bear
Better beware of Short Eyes

Give you Capital Punishment
Leaving you Kind of Blue

Searching for a Love Supreme

We ain’t Ready to Die
In this Illmatic innercity

Things Fall Apart
But One Day It Will All Make Sense

Ponte A Trabajar

Ponte a trabajar

Before your shift is over
How can you make a bad situation profitable

One day your future is possible
Resistance to change rather remarkable

One way or another
Make your product guns and butter

Weapon or condiment
Burner flavor

Bullet or packet
Spicy hot lead
Or congealed culture

Deadly to be tasty
Ready for beyond maybe

Period punto
No ellipsis probably

Between parenthesis
Empty spaces

Punctuated by particular pain
Not a game nor practice

Who asking those good questions
Enough substance to get to broken heart

Anti matter
Who’s badder

Pure evil
Or pointless positive

How many apologies
Will you fib
Keep running your jibs

Don’t get barbecued down
To spare ribs

Extra sauce wild pepper right salt

Walk directly connected to talk


Lonely all by myself once again

Wondering how does this pain remain
Solace in shadows looking up at the moon
Reaper tiptoeing death might be coming soon

Once upon a time fairy tales with happilyeverafter
Now its grey hairs retirement heart beating faster

Can’t catch up turtle slow and steady versus rabbit
Ready to do a limpieza eliminate every bad habit

Original savage
Painted distorted abstract with blood splatter

Inspiration running away
Innocence hard to capture

All natural elevation comes from within
Lived a lovely life

Blessings contrasted with sin
Who’s to judge

God tells me I got you it’s all goody
But be great go beyond

No limits possible to escape earth
Spiritual dimension expand larger than universe

Shitty attitude keeps you grounded ghetto altitude
Divine essence only inestimable as much
As you value reflection
Perfection can be developed if you advance perspective

Vasio vagal nerve in back of brain
Triggers blood flow to pause as oxygen levels drop

Consciousness fades lights turned off
Open eyes wide unable to speak

Peak of itis right after bistec y queso
Heavy meal sit lump on stomach
Sat stuck no activation

Temptation to go cold turkey
Fast out all impurities

Assuredly have to focus in order to achieve
Must believe in own dreams otherwise

Fetish fantasy unactualized
Distracted while doing nada
Persuing palabras as destiny don’t let devils get best

Constantly variable liable to switch with direction
Distant breeze let my mind at ease

Visions of future security
Naked as newborn trembling wet exposed

Vulnerable if you touch I might cry
Regrets from concrete to sky

Pick a roof
Release screams to clouds
Only if they chat back