peace tio

Fester from the Adams Family

This is for my uncle Richard
Still living with Babita
After dropping out in the 6th grade
He brought me to MSG
To see Hulk Hogan and Patrick Ewing
Still watches RAW on Mondays
The highlight of the week
Everything drops downhill from
The 1st to 15th to Hep C to
Metadona ta cabrona to still loving
Sylvia trife bitch faded tat
In his own handwriting
For last year’s jordans on sale
Yesterdays’ new shit turned exclusive
For beauty products from the 99 cent store
Mane & tails to wash nonexistent curls
Camay to lather dome
Disposable BICs to shave closely
Green rubbing alcohol for nicks and cuts
Faded wrestling magazines from 80s and 90s
Praising Shane Douglass and Ultimate Warrior
ECW and WCW dubbed on 6 hr VHS
Every bootleg kung fu flick
Plus horror movies with commentary
Long way from 7A 710
Fire brought flames through roof
Incinerated memories pictures report cards
Gone in wind’s puff of smoke
Was the fake Christmas tree
With liquid lightbulbs
Mirrors with stones
Plastic covered sofas
Handball in hallways
Rafaela and Artie’s room
Back where you could see the moon
Paint the skyline over the South Boogie
Like those courts
Where his invisible jersey
Returned to the rafters
Used to say he was skinny
But look how depression brings disaster
Now we getting older faster
He limps with a cane
A messed up foot
Those heels and nose are passed through generations
Cracked needing to moisturized
With meaning motivating your mind
To move one in front of the other
What would I tell him once
God forbid that day happens?
What has been your contingency plan?
Who will show that same love
That he had for Babita in quiet days
When the phone never rang
And she had only Tres and Law & Order
To keep her company
This is for Uncle Richard’s humanity
Lovingly holding on to a past
That has passed him by
I want to picture him back in the day
Jumping running balling
One word


Ridgewood Rigid
Let the rain clean the musty smell
Of leftovers money and food going to waste
Many good meals been forsaken
Forward motion doesn’t allow you
To rewind times to when you was getting it
Everything was Gucci
Or maybe at least a knock off
Where can you go when its rainy outside
Scribble along the page to keep your mind alive
The voices in the back attempt to distract
Wondering why those shorties running through the block
Turning up the temperature in a quest for trouble
Jumping above before searching below
The puddle shimmer while you shiver at
The distorted reflection gather your greatest perception
Might reveal your latest deception
How you tricked everyone into believing you
So gullible almost garish in your appearance
Gaudy where you are raised makes you nature naughty
Remembering those moments
Like the perfect mixtape stopped and paused
Recorded from the radio we still rip audio from the air
Eavesdropping down the surrounding sound
That inspires you inhibitions to escape outta town
Where else can ever be so familiar
Beyond first names you understand
The frustration on the front lines
But as soon as you lose faith
You have already lost face
A focused interruption
Constant corruption
Striking away instead of embracing
The natural entropy ebbs and flows
How the riptide pulls you under however long
You plan to stay submerged
Drowned in your own depths
Deciding how many separate deaths
No one will attend the services
Just tearful puffs
Saying damn that was my dude
No one wants a session with your suffering
A cipher with sad solitude
Its like yes man causes you to yearn
For everything else except your own needs
Even steal what remains after you bleed
Scavengers who won’t let you escape
Still picking the crust out your eyes after you awake
Fate depends on the next favor you aren’t willing to ask for
In the whim of a split second
You have decided dumb shit takes precedent
Over the priority of Pa’lante
Your flashback foreshadows more fuck shit
Future foggy like cars after being hot boxed
Block hot concrete like sand at the beach
Only the coast far from clear
Trying not to hear what is too difficult to see
Free when the most confined
Identify everything when blind
How can we live up to the legends of our minds
Don’t ever think loving yourself is a crime


Say word

Don’t let that dolla dictate your dreams
Even your closest friends ain’t what they seem
You are the only person
Who opens and closes those eyes
Every midnight and morning
Everyone already got it your ideas are just dawning
You realize your company
Is worth more than the initial public offering
Always defaulting on down payments
But on time for your crooked school loan
If you clink your bones
What secrets would you reveal
You will never sell out for mass appeal
Sometimes you don’t even like you
Type to distance before getting in tight spaces
The basis for your overanalysis
Is a composite sketch of the hood’s misunderstandings
Unfriendly interactions leads to hormone laced beef
That gets grilled and served in the streets
Maybe there is a difference in dedication
Lively up your determination
Watch the imagined nation grow
You’ve got that glow
A hardened sparkle
That lights up the shadows
A dull arrow
Pointed at misguided pharaohs
The devil’s lasso
Has you far from Picasso
Great impostor
To be real you must improve your posture
How are you standing
Why them shoulders slouched
Please stick your chest out
So many reasons to be proud
But you are never loud
Even if you whisper
Emotions alone
Could still move the crowd


i miss the hood sometimes

Remix the Hood

Gather the spirits inside from whence you came
20 Clason Point Lane Apt B
Bronx NY 10473
Right off the ave called Story

Trying to rewrite the scripture that still sounds amazing

A prayer for the faded pictures
Institutional degrees conferring graduation
To a different place somewhere looking like elevation

Horoscope said forget about everything outdated
But these moments which turn into the past
Have been the most sacred

Hot and Mega Millions made the Stationary retire
Took the Bruce Lee and Hogan posters without saying good bye
Chinese and Kansas new competition with Jimbos
To see who will clog our intestines the fastest
New poison in town called 4Loco
That will literally bring you through 4 stages of crazy
Crash into Smacked/Twisted
Lean back right after

Another night sponsored by flavored Dutch Masters
The hood’s lungs have evolved taste buds
To leave the 4 wall box in the projects foggier than ever

Regardless of weather or not
The block is temperature forecast
To constantly rising

To walk around here
Is to know nothing will be surprising

The concrete has sprouted its own roots
Creates children who throw fists
To chisel how hard their soft interior will be
Recognize that nothing is free
Even your breathing will be taxed
On the next food stamp used to buy a Black and Mild

Day is bright but the night is certainly darker
Seen families who are starving
Because the cabinet was colonized by roaches and rats
Like the scavenger stranger who stay in the crib

Burning the fans in their playstation
Because they watch the world through WorldStar

The screen screamed back
You won’t go too far
Stay here we’ll be bringing more commercials
Where the money back guaranteed
You will want to kill yourself
With no questions asked

Just flickering candles wrinkle pictures
Bottles and els passed
Until the breeze blows and extinguishes the fire

Wondering why did you love the hood
When the bitch don’t love you back

You on the right track
Like back to the wall in front of a mural
Capturing the sunset in the intersection
Of Story and Soundview

You come back around the way
To find YOU

i see i says

I see I says

New dawn awakening to dark midnight
Stumbling to find vision hitting the positions
Where everything clicking

Back on mission rocket pointed at middle of universe
Folded tight on top of self centered censorship

Advising the parents the children are living explicitly
The broken symmetry has
The rough outlines of their research
Misquoting the footnotes of their ancestors
Plagiarizing the past
Only see failure in their future
But that’s fallacy will all fall in the same hole
Floating in the thick air

Amazing gaining grace from the gutter
Small wonders lead to giant habits
Daily with deadlines for damage
Not your average chimney releasing smoke signals
Howling at full moon for help
Lost in the wilderness of the city

The concrete has trails of tears
If you could connect the dots
You might find constellations
In the soft sticky cement

Vivid images turn foggy fuzzy
Analyzing the ugly
You found your screwface
Resembled the ice grill and gas
Held an ace but your poker
Made you show your weak hands

Strong for simple risks
Just walking is a death defying adventure
Your attention is a terrible thing to waste

Face forward in the mirror
What is the dull reflection of your glazed pupil

Why are you used to movement all around
Except your internal affairs have been investigated
By flaw and disorder

Feed the meter with quarters
So you can keep sparking

Getting darker earlier couldn’t capture the sunset
Right next to happiness

Sadness is salivating
But your squad smacked the bullshit emotion
For violating

Confidence is changing
Rearranging the reason for breathing
Your existence never just to get even
I’d rather run up the score
Make it a blowout and slaughter

All running to catch the same train
Pull the emergency brake if you really see evil
But please be advised
It don’t look like our people

Humanity beyond color
Our veins bathe in same blood
Sweeter than azucar causing you to smile and think
Eyes wide blink examine where is the brink
What are the barriers of your barrio

Existing between borders
Brought to respect elders
Honor your history

Your perspective has peaked
Your inspiration has reached
Another level of understanding faintly everything
But mostly absolutely nothing

Your palabras only matter
If you make it to manana


stay away from that poison

Fruit Punch 4Loco
Everybody got their own motivation
Choose carefully
The weapon to get your enemies shaking
Awakening from unrealistic
Not so simplistic intricate quasars
Capture your pulsar
Leave you rapid
In the vacant shade all the same cages
All so amazing how the occasions evaporated
What’s once sacred becomes befouled
Out the game resting overtime put in work
But the team outta the tournament
Every now and then bent to a different direction
More progression leaves less stressing
Infinite ways you can go loco
How can you cope
With the mechanisms of the system
Leaving you in critical condition
Confined to the chair almost electric
Has you skeptic on the hood’s health statistics
There’s a natural mystic blowing through the air
Trapped in project stairs prowled by predators
For upward mobility
Your capability surpasses your IQ
Have many Clue? tapes but won’t ask a question
Profession of every session experience
You couldn’t fathom the sheer amount
Of examining the extinction agenda
While right in the center of reflection
From the inception you came out guessing
Wondering if this is where I need to be
Free is you in the backyard
Still trying to hit something over the fences
You still huddled right by the benches
Running away from the demons
Usain Bolt was a Nuyorican reaching
Higher levels of speed through
Where you ain’t searching
No more somewhere else more positive
Tell em you gotta live
Project the image you want captured
In the rapture of revelry
You finally stepping outside
To get right back internal
How many of those rainy cloudy moments
Remembered in journals
Dusty like underneath the bed
Bouncing off four walls
Still hear the calls when it all falls down
Realness makes you recover
As you hover through how sanctified
The sacrifice of sudden appearances have been
Lessons never learned in classrooms
More like gatherings by the chessboards
Flowerpots low cribs backpark under full moons
Each trying to scramble to the next morning
Where the floor screams
How much not giving a fuck has done damage
Hope that greasy food can cure hangover
Know that each second ticking
We getting older
Far from over turning the page to the next shit
Circle quickest way home trying to collect
Inspiration from the quiet riot
Of rhythm recalculating the path
Leading you to this point
Where you are still hunting
Accept the future you are wanting



Tryin to hold on until tomorrow
Connect a bunch of yesterdays
Back with today’s promise
If you waste away you might not
Get the courage to say what’s important
Play by play color commentator
That examines the invisible grey of the rainbow
The window reveals the world beyond
Depending on your vision
You can keep searching forever
Never find your alma in front of you
A chance to turn it upside down
Drowning in a dried up puddle
Of what we poured
Explored what is integral
The interval a participle dangling
Strangling simplicity
Intricacy of engaging while impossible
What is highly probable is your uncertainty
Surgery to your perjury
Slice apart your lies
Stitch up your truths
Sins get separated
Chaos finally coordinated
Fry your frustration
Make sure it’s neatly plated
Your entrance admission
Will increase after you lose momentum
Taxed for your tardiness
Late fees assessed
As you are leaving love behind
Library of nonsense
Multiple volumes
Allow you to reference
What’s really hood
Regarding your search
Strife and Doubt
How can you contribute
To the rotation of the world
Keep that shit spinning
Cuz once it stops
You automatically drop
The block is your graveyard
Your stoop is your headstone
The curb is your coffin
Will you be at your own burial
How soon will you get up
With the big homie Grim Reaper
You better give praise
For your blessings or they might
Pass you by without saying what up
The best part of liberating
Yourself is finally shaking off
The heaviest chains
Live like tomorrow is guaranteed
If it’s fucked up
Check the receipt or warranty


happy b day tone

Cinema Paraiso
I’ve seen why the chickens cross the road
Quickly trying to survive
Put away instincts to look behind
Right in front of has been the title for this journey
Mahalo ola nani
Thank you for a beautiful life
I want to chill with the lazy gatos in the sunlight
Fly with the sandpipers scream at the horizons
With the nene gooses
Bite on a pineapple until the juice drips to toes
Embrace the fullness of life with no restrictions
Rigid rules arbitrary regulations
Hang on defiantly like that tree atop a mountain
That might no exist or still will if you never saw it
How did the mountain goat scale that Montana
In search of something like me
Dropped from there eyes open
Still figuring it out
I’ll say good morning to whoever while
Relaxing in the shade
Incredible to take first wobbly steps outta cage
Rub that sol in your face
Stop running in place for life’s race
Continue to wrap arms around memories
New that will become old
How do you describe paradise never seen
Just pairs of dice
That still shake with you in your dreams
Like this all happened déjà vu
Having reruns of greatest episodes
With the best crew family on the planet
Can’t understand it flow with the waves
Don’t got that ground squared away
Still renting reality
Air shaky because of gravity
One day you will flap your wings to soar
We can listen to each other
Sing the struggle and smile for distances
Unnatural and scowl at the factual fallacy
Pushed to fall over
First the privates then the nipples then the shoulders
To get used to the cool temperatures
Of that aqua lava life blood of mother earth
Trying to tread water
Swim away from slaughter
Rather put order of reverence to the elements to master
The first 29 years gone faster
Than I could learn
Burning to slow down the turning of the globe
Examining the meaning on the otherside
How could you be the best facilitator of the future
Finding its fate when your mind
Has yet to awaken the significance
Of each step taken
Somehow foggy
With the clarity of crystals
Forming into blown glass
Missiles blow the whistle
Ring the alarm charmed
With the swarm of molecules
Motivating you hunter gatherer
Something from nothing
Always add up the sum of your heart’s drums
Building that rhythm
The mission to go beyond maintaining
Training for the flaming
Of Babylon travel on the road to zion
Heaven right down the block
In the next projects
Profit from the experiences
Pour pain from the pocket
Acknowledge the prophet
Who don’t got that knowledge
Staring back in the mirror
Reflects a clearer picture
Of the scripture you manifest
Man at his best
Accepts beautiful flaws
Tragic triumphs
Effort not enough
Keep marching keep sparking
Light through mental darkness
If you don’t believe then who will
We can make time stand still with the silence
Vibrant thing to be alive
And bring forth every blessing
This ain’t no messing around
This is like lost but now I’m found
Got the crown of royalty
Nothing but love and loyalty
Let the day be proclaimed
In the name of the holy trinity
The hood always in the vicinity
Within me god like divinity
Sky keep going for infinity
With the wind to my back and front
Couldn’t stunt this if I tried
So much to see
So much more to ride
We got the world in our hands
But don’t know how to hold it right
Make conversation
Crack a corny joke
To break down any anger
No frustration in this imagined nation
Toasted bread luxurious land
Liberty in all I see
NYC CPG the mecca of the universe
But the way will be more milky
With stars starting fires
To electrify the mundo
Want the next of kin to feel like a king
Never flinch an inch
In the blink of an ojo
Never be flojo
Release these words as un despojo
Cleanse the spirit
Bathe those lyrics
In melodies so your loved ones
Can hear the echoes travel
Through the islands to the ghettoes
From a concrete jungle
To visions that make you stumble
For exact descriptions
The prescriptions been written
Those knocks to the head
Will help you read better
Take a shredder to the confidential
Hug the monumental
Freestyle to the breeze as your instrumental
Plentiful fantasies
Arouse sensitive emptiness
Let the blood flow freely
To feel righteous connection
No more failing your own multiple choice
You already have the answers
Give yourself a chance
To realize why before you say no
Gather your angels before you go
Pack your pen and pad
So you can record the most exclusive flow
Stay you
Love this life
Absolutely unquestionable