peace tio

Fester from the Adams Family

This is for my uncle Richard
Still living with Babita
After dropping out in the 6th grade
He brought me to MSG
To see Hulk Hogan and Patrick Ewing
Still watches RAW on Mondays
The highlight of the week
Everything drops downhill from
The 1st to 15th to Hep C to
Metadona ta cabrona to still loving
Sylvia trife bitch faded tat
In his own handwriting
For last year’s jordans on sale
Yesterdays’ new shit turned exclusive
For beauty products from the 99 cent store
Mane & tails to wash nonexistent curls
Camay to lather dome
Disposable BICs to shave closely
Green rubbing alcohol for nicks and cuts
Faded wrestling magazines from 80s and 90s
Praising Shane Douglass and Ultimate Warrior
ECW and WCW dubbed on 6 hr VHS
Every bootleg kung fu flick
Plus horror movies with commentary
Long way from 7A 710
Fire brought flames through roof
Incinerated memories pictures report cards
Gone in wind’s puff of smoke
Was the fake Christmas tree
With liquid lightbulbs
Mirrors with stones
Plastic covered sofas
Handball in hallways
Rafaela and Artie’s room
Back where you could see the moon
Paint the skyline over the South Boogie
Like those courts
Where his invisible jersey
Returned to the rafters
Used to say he was skinny
But look how depression brings disaster
Now we getting older faster
He limps with a cane
A messed up foot
Those heels and nose are passed through generations
Cracked needing to moisturized
With meaning motivating your mind
To move one in front of the other
What would I tell him once
God forbid that day happens?
What has been your contingency plan?
Who will show that same love
That he had for Babita in quiet days
When the phone never rang
And she had only Tres and Law & Order
To keep her company
This is for Uncle Richard’s humanity
Lovingly holding on to a past
That has passed him by
I want to picture him back in the day
Jumping running balling
One word

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