Say word

Don’t let that dolla dictate your dreams
Even your closest friends ain’t what they seem
You are the only person
Who opens and closes those eyes
Every midnight and morning
Everyone already got it your ideas are just dawning
You realize your company
Is worth more than the initial public offering
Always defaulting on down payments
But on time for your crooked school loan
If you clink your bones
What secrets would you reveal
You will never sell out for mass appeal
Sometimes you don’t even like you
Type to distance before getting in tight spaces
The basis for your overanalysis
Is a composite sketch of the hood’s misunderstandings
Unfriendly interactions leads to hormone laced beef
That gets grilled and served in the streets
Maybe there is a difference in dedication
Lively up your determination
Watch the imagined nation grow
You’ve got that glow
A hardened sparkle
That lights up the shadows
A dull arrow
Pointed at misguided pharaohs
The devil’s lasso
Has you far from Picasso
Great impostor
To be real you must improve your posture
How are you standing
Why them shoulders slouched
Please stick your chest out
So many reasons to be proud
But you are never loud
Even if you whisper
Emotions alone
Could still move the crowd

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