i miss the hood sometimes

Remix the Hood

Gather the spirits inside from whence you came
20 Clason Point Lane Apt B
Bronx NY 10473
Right off the ave called Story

Trying to rewrite the scripture that still sounds amazing

A prayer for the faded pictures
Institutional degrees conferring graduation
To a different place somewhere looking like elevation

Horoscope said forget about everything outdated
But these moments which turn into the past
Have been the most sacred

Hot and Mega Millions made the Stationary retire
Took the Bruce Lee and Hogan posters without saying good bye
Chinese and Kansas new competition with Jimbos
To see who will clog our intestines the fastest
New poison in town called 4Loco
That will literally bring you through 4 stages of crazy
Crash into Smacked/Twisted
Lean back right after

Another night sponsored by flavored Dutch Masters
The hood’s lungs have evolved taste buds
To leave the 4 wall box in the projects foggier than ever

Regardless of weather or not
The block is temperature forecast
To constantly rising

To walk around here
Is to know nothing will be surprising

The concrete has sprouted its own roots
Creates children who throw fists
To chisel how hard their soft interior will be
Recognize that nothing is free
Even your breathing will be taxed
On the next food stamp used to buy a Black and Mild

Day is bright but the night is certainly darker
Seen families who are starving
Because the cabinet was colonized by roaches and rats
Like the scavenger stranger who stay in the crib

Burning the fans in their playstation
Because they watch the world through WorldStar

The screen screamed back
You won’t go too far
Stay here we’ll be bringing more commercials
Where the money back guaranteed
You will want to kill yourself
With no questions asked

Just flickering candles wrinkle pictures
Bottles and els passed
Until the breeze blows and extinguishes the fire

Wondering why did you love the hood
When the bitch don’t love you back

You on the right track
Like back to the wall in front of a mural
Capturing the sunset in the intersection
Of Story and Soundview

You come back around the way
To find YOU

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