Que es La Pregunta?

That question that lingers
On tips on tongues
Like leftover lechon?
Figuring the who what
When where why
In the streets of NY
Not too many places
For you or I
So where can you go
Everybody te cononce?

Follow me uptown
Down mean streets
At bodegas dreamin for free
Nickels that costs dimes
Will cause Puerto Rican Obituaries
Except we live yesterday
Today and tomorrow

Dancin salsa with our spirits

Aqui mismo at La Esquina
You will never hear
Weak wack lyrics

Feed your mind feed your soul
Revolutionary sandwiches
Dashed with cilantro and sofrito

Look at all the beautiful people
The diaspora strikes back
Brain blown films screened
That movie showed you how to act
Despues Alma Moyo Ilu Aye
Bomba y plena causing feet to tap

How that sound? Suena bien
Pa’lante mi gente
Todo el mundo familia y friends
So then don’t pretend
If you walking with me
You must be thirsty
Go check out the bar
Buy me a drink

Sit back sip up listen to inspiration
Chill out above all else think

Where else in the world
Would you rather be?

La Pregunta is the answer
Ven conmigo and see