Searching for Optimism

Pull up

Exchange routes

Either wise or points high
Swiftly drive by

Interrupt pacing
Racing against what we facing

Immeasurable odds
Forever filthy

Who will feel me
Look over like I love this guy
CPG benches type high

Manana embrace next level
Peace power and justice

Follow faith endless
Always family

Simply stuck
When we all soured up
And don’t give a fuck

What will try enough
Laughing while lurking
Who regards how you searching

Shut down
Next caveman catharsis
Sag with cane sugar

Props for going brazy
Syrupy corn

Exclusive fire
Throat raspy
Strip club market niche

3rd still scrapping everlasting
Past margin figure that’s cool
Extent of burned out topology

Make up craters age
Slams gravity on hollowed out lungs

This ain’t going nowhere
Soother gotta travel on rugged forest
Break fences ignite under branches

So hype you can taste spliffy saliva
Straight stuntastic rental stash

Riding slow obeying traffic laws
Against crooked bookings central
Anthem celebrate suffocating
What we wish to own

Original god building with ancient wisdom
How was you listening to concrete breathe
Lyrics classic quotable
Chasing chickens

Paint perfect trap talk
Young’n undersmell dank aroma
Light depression heavy clouds
No more or left

Take a leak test
Sum up all your experiences
Results ain’t no epiphany

Extinguished side on
Who back you got

Overstand how reckless fools are
Stooges hobbling for crossover
Ankles all ashy

This brother preaching homicide
When he needs hope and a hot meal
Cool room to crash

When everybody bounce
You still listening to your hood hits
While crew said Fuck You
You stayed wanting end of night el

If flock’s dead who can guide sheep
Towards revival

Resurrection ain’t easy
If respiration’s potential is cloudy
Fizzy piss determines which way you drive

When we gonna thrive
Absolutely complacent with
Public housing paradise

Yap where you at
False prophets fake followers

For Venom can only hope that we apply
Lessons to strengthen next generation

No guidance for chancla entourage
Pinball piff spots perhaps
Next presidents will have passed time like this

Illuminate infrastructure injected inferiority
Within each puff how powerful
Parents potted where your youth lit it loud

Had it once upon a had to grow up
Gain more mananas young brolic
Flexing like fuck it hashtag validviolation

Push purpose in that pen
Friends like family only few left
Go get it the best

Less than never
Stay quite clever
For what you given

Much is owed
Load blessed burden

New world turning in innocent brains
Still that kid from Clason Point Lane

Look yourself in mirror
Please say I CAN
Gather glorious gospel in new land
Embrace unknown
What’s yet to come shall be grand

I still believe I'm a poet. I think that counts for something.

Hope Hangover

When you hit the block
Your fangs descend
Fishscales regenerate
On your exoskeleton

You got a concrete chin in a plywood jaw
With fire hydrant tears

The corner has little concern for
Your vulnerable exterior
Giving away Bravo chips and nacho cheese
On your scrawny shoulders

You left logic leaking from internal bleeding
Beneath the stop sign
Each gypsy cab takes as suggestion

Nobody obeys the speed limit here
Each pedestrian takes rush hour express
For a triplicate signature with notarized witness
Verifying they are you

Hop on shuttle bus completing off books transaction
But forgot a receipt testifying to withdrawal

Call next on full
Hope young boys don’t pick you last
Wait for ball to come to you

Take shot if you open
Make shorties remember your name
Because you got more grey hairs
Than they got losses

Half your sweat inherited
Another amount paranoid investment
For every spot tell them your war stories
Nobody cares unless currency confirmed

Exchanged debt on what you can’t pay
Let gravity pile up your change caliber
Hit up yala to hold a loosey on the arm
While Lucy on patrol salivating for you to spit

Could you ever switch
Write that slithery solo

Dolo to cabeza association of abandona’o
Ese tipo bien pasa’o
Pero chewing for what you can barely nibble

Where mi gente know the riddle of life
Ain’t no fortune cookie

Terrific trinity
Sour haze kush
Begging salvation in front of Holy Cross
Scared to step in all the sins might sting
While angels stare

Who care except who still surviving
Long to scribble in these pages
Face a pagina blanca

Ain’t a smidgeon resembling pigeon
Shitting on you for Buena suerte
Cheers to customers hunting for ganga
Direct dollar tree 99 cent or more
Keep crib mistolin fresh despite
Kitty litter or Entourage

Pausa slash on skin
Buck fifty gauze stitch
Guava guayabera on triple fat goose

Gully peace god
Attempting to maintain
Apply this daily science
So you won’t get an F in finance

Felon without inside tips
Ribs boneless
No bonus for overtime on benches

Homie don’t get spoiled by fine selection
Perforation on back means
Pull with skilled perfection

These walls give dull reception
Sculpt scars around intimidating white space
In a race with shadow
Beating you to finish line

Pinata papi
Candy spin out sugary guts

Take a dump from your clip
Left a few by window sill

Each morning had daily ritual
Sorta iffington in air gone scent linger
Longer than you think

Too much time in between barbed wire parenthesis
Can’t invent these dreams

Wherever you at is the scene
Jungle ain’t gone
Fall through pay your friendly visit

Pain on exhibit
Vintage played out fashion

Wear those wrinkles so well
Old citizen how could you yell
All frazzle stubble

More polite pebble than sure solid rock
On top receding shore
Dawn days of yore

Bubba yummy
Blink unwrap mind map

Where you at
None of your clucking fitness
Tick to click

Memory straight hit trig
Once a kid
Sing a song of Solomon
Lonely king

Hold it like a boulder
Bolsa de fuego waiting to be lit
Who got next twist
Stuff a godfather burned in effigy
Fresh recipe precise knocking
Got whole hood shaking

Over there cheating no duplication
Rain gives papercuts
Bills go extra crispy

Miss me with that frail knowledge
Representation of CPG wise scholars

Ponder tomorrow
Powder pepper trails with dutch remnants
For you to follow

Stuck in town puddle drowns
Strike hype chord praise Lord

Shiver chills ill with bagged up cure
Emptied to be refilled
Form jagged geometry
Geology bugged landscape
Parched tundra

Transform backpark into pop up gallery
Sidewalk silent auction
Spontaneous game from 10473 893 7354

Original numbers remembered
Like scabs you forgot you fell

Train rumble schedule
Static standing behind line caution

Read the signs or
Hack up lung butter fine

Cram shred of steroid corroded beef
Don’t know why or who we fighting
Bare truth at special committee

Where does your sangre stand
Shattered with no lint magic dust

Only got honesty left
With hands out

September is the Best part of the Year, 2015

Sweet September Slide

Have you heard the one about freedom

Further away from cage
More yearning for chains

Diablo don’t want to let you go

Easier with stressed yesterday
Attached to this present moment’s
Ungrateful aspiration

Consequence of faulty policies
Petty procedures

To be sure
Scan the cliff notes contract for fuckshit
Clearly stated in fine print

Forget fantasy
Tropical see and see top pop
Let bubble drip

Math after disposable remainder
Skid mark streak stark reminder

Rusty rainbows beneath cutthroat clouds
Jealous how your skin sponge dirty water

Evil evaporates downpour of doubt
Dedicated despite drought

This limpieza turn chest inside out
Steal what I feel when I reveal what the dealings

Precise percentage almighty algorithm
Punch in data
Spit out promising perspective

Upfront oppression
Shadowy depression

Dragging comfortable cadaver
With impeccable creases
On century lease with daily payments

Compound fracture dusty bones
Exposed hollow tree trunks

Deteriorate core
Break at weakest point

Regenerate scattered pieces of original man

Control your soul
Chaos most charming flaw of character

Mellow meditate during disaster
Super structure founded on
Lazy eyed ghosts of forgotten massacres

Amateur aperture fuzzy focus in foggy film

Wind cries who gives a fuck
Weeping while you wait

Journey starts once you choose to escape


I miss El Puente Academy, Peace and Justice Forever

Make it Rain Journals
                  After Ronaldy Salcedo

Un tipo loco declares
I got an interview with Harvard tomorrow
Gonna get up at 1 am right now its 1130 am

Been screaming non stop
Gillie da kid ghostwriter
Be like Cannon

Dis youth terrible attention deficit
Loose oversized jeans with no belts

Chucks no laces
No braces with sores on gums

Son I’m no ignorant chump
I got my knowledge I signed up for illuminati
When I’m alone I’m a monster
When I’m with peoples I get shook

How you do it Ant
In front of all those people

Big pool gotta dive in
How are you surviving

Ridiculous fool running around weary mask
Sociably barely known locally
Vocally identified before having any place

In bullshit conversation
Inject isolation intravenously

Previously desired greater mananas
Now prisoner of your palabras

Disciplined by drama
Can’t even pretend to be calmer

Hypebeast is on overdrive
Stupido zone eyeballs rolling back in blessed skull
Beloved baba precedent over rising above
Elevation held back by grimy gravity

What is sanity when we all barely hanging on

Nails poorly hammered floor board squeaking
One eye peeking behind bangs

Don’t let your hope hang off a tree
Can you believe blood on leaves from brown brain

Hanging in breeze sad strange fruit
Pursuit of death instead of defining your life

say my name


Weighing scales of justice
Seesaw heavy balance missing

Dizzy needle in rainy jungle
Puddle on top of glacier

Salt crystal at bottom of shaker
Small ant on blade of grass in ghetto acre

All praises to divine creator

Plowing path on planet rock
Floating in vast universe

No reverse abstract cyclical
Material deadened spiritual

Long travels circle enough laps
Turn dizzy

Not wrizzy until you concede defeat
Legacy of royalty

Describe concrete against warm insides

How much further can you take it
Threshold is stagnant alcohol
Mixed with gut acid

Thrashing like cat in cold water
Dame un refresco
Tengo que respirar

Ghetto scholar
Hood thespian

Spontaneous block theatre
Rare referendum
In pointless election

Perception outweighs politics
Porqueria infects your immune system

Is it possible to purge
Heavily processed perspective
Regulated with internal critics

Integral lyrics
Connected with your pride

In your darkest moments
Truth will let you survive

Working on fumes
From wombs zoom until tomb

Marked or undistinguished
Relinquish that pedigree

Effortlessly holding onto negativity
Distracted by intangible

Handle with kitchen mittens
Too hot to touch

Avoid the cherry on the j
Lingering too close to pointer

Raised to sky

Berrylicious morality
Never was sweet lies

better said no one misses me

Mejor Dicho

Let me say it better
I have not fully healed

No space for such shy
Fruity pebbles pink milk

Fall sink further into
Well done mistake

Who can relate
Except who always been on time

Slime from chemical residue
All this is long overdue

Petty scofflaw
Penalty inattention fine details

Spiritual forcefield
Repeals those demons

Serious integrity
Never had to schluck and gibe for sanity

Fist bump associates
Hugs daps for family

Handle tragedy as well as
Two tears
Same weight
Dropping in sequence

Broken grammar gives you
No pretense

Pass frank the blunt
Kind candor in choppy cadence

Tell me tomorrow we have clouds
Today been pouring

Honest dollar speak off screech
Squeak young pip
Gone with great expectations

What odds we facing
Chase what block will offer

Hold on to home
Stealing city less likely

Release bullshit lethargy
Pardon me dipstick

Take fridge off door
Step back inside

Provide for who makes you alive
Let faith be your guide

Boi become man
Never too late

You gotta say
What manana you will create


It was the YAMS
            SIP Steven Rodriguez

Every blackout
Becomes more like Bushwick in 77
Or the Boogie in 05

Thinking you live
More rehearsed regression

Poison a weapon pointed at temple
Filtered through battered liver

Liquor liquid pain
Leaving you in physical hurt

Translated in lyrical verse
About leaning while vertical

Dreaming while drowning
In puddle of purple hurl

Different world when elders
Never served as positive example

Take classic sample distorted
Standard of realness transported

OT back and forth
Work designed to bring profit

Crossing state lines
Crimes are pass limits
Of human consumption

Uncontrolled substance packaged
Luxury brand high end fashion

Corner is runway
Bring crackers close to where we live

Make em sponsor our suffering with
Cross pollinated culture

Vultures hover over bloated carcass
Getting plug on exclusive epitaph
Scratchitti on tombstone

Bottle up tears
Fragrance sour and eau de tragedy

Tattooed MOBB LIFE across knuckles
Who knew celebrity shuffle would rob life

Had all the CEOs waiting on Hood Pope
Pretty Flacko

Bag up the block
Blessings squeeze through stylish streets

Brief appearance give motivation
Added inspiration from aura
Trapped by slavish system

When we make our pain popular
They might listen

Lords Never Worry Bout Pesos
Standing in rain on 1 train platform
From Dyckman to the Ferry

Knowing this vida if you don’t got it
Go get it

Always Strive and Prosper
Assassinate Snakes and Punks
Abandon Stress and Pressure

Future will flip
Flex your heart
Simply strut

trying to keep living yall

Honest body

Blessed temple
Might be some next
Shaky don’t get easily gassed

Time passed
Grab clock
On pause

Presence don’t mean
Someone will pay mind

Knowledge background noise
Harmonize horrible high notes

Soldout symphony
Static shatter frequency
Bold clarity

Molecules residue yesterday’s trauma
Delicate armor skin

Brain still rattling chains
Invisible cuffs
Palmful wallet

Scratched couldn’t identify attribute
Powerful energy
Set you free

Zoom while walking
Silly superhero humble humor
Take off when you want

Packed duffel full of doubt
On quest fulfill duty

Duende darkens night
Precise pinnacle of power

Demons say you ain’t ready
Unsteady on loose rock

Spinning like you stuck
Lick knuckles
Bloody due diligence curled fist
Sweaty adrenaline

Which way do we go

Can’t look at compass
Heart guides what’s next breaths you make
Take reparation by any leans necessary

Don’t die
Waiting on greatest miracle to manifest

Each second blessed
Even when you won’t see past struggle

Bubble burst
Flaunt flotation

Material consumption
Pockets don’t got bottom

Who follows apologies of broke philosophers
Barely cover basics but
Craft complex cocotazos

Raise palms to cry manana is possible
If I add up this stress to wavy yesterdays
Might could ride this current
Back to uncomfortable coast

Touch this land have a chance
Beginning one more mile in magical marathon

Bound to be strong
Blessed fire diving spark
Giving warmth

Replenish what been diminished
Epiphany reinvented when kindly connect

Invite insight
Pigeon shit on you for suerte
Said good luck
Take flight


The city is my muse

Breathing that traffic train
Rush hours heart don’t stop
Until you get home from work

Brick wind
Concrete grill bitter
Go to hospital be iller

Hit fruit stand
Shiny apple in rotten manzana

Street level pharmacist
Lets you self medicate

Cost of living easy to hate
Gentrifucker hipster
Pricing you out petty paradise
Faking discovering your corner

Life and death been
Standing on the crossroads

Opportunity missed the shuttle bus
Regret begging for a transfer

If you give me a swipe
I’ll freestyle a bootleg fuzzy
With laugh track and camcorder jiggle

Bleak clouds tear jerker
Benefit cut Boar’s Head
Diaper loose and beef pattie

Crying baby needs to nurse
Under neon dollar menu

Parents missing in action
Tears collected in reservoir
Ready to be bottled purified from tap
Slapped by sidewalk

Who will stop and feed that child
Raise youth find beauty in cold cement
Joy in barely paying rent

Suspense not knowing where yesterday went
Born in uncertain barrio

Who will lend you a napkin
If you leak from jugular

Oppression so regular got grooves
Where stiff cuff clicks
Paint by numbers chaos

Sidewalk chalk body outlines
Reaching vertical stretched horizontal

Blast Uptown Baby at OT drivethru
Forever bleed Knicks orange blue
Haunted by lack of success overdue

Make it aqui you will be popping papi
Si no another case of the coulda shoulda
Who wouldn’t put up a battle worthy

Candlelight memorial even if you empty
Every 40 guzzled gallon of goose
Hyped off henny you still can’t drip
As heavy as east flowing to Harlem

Bubbling to Atlantic
Stranded on islands of isolation
Cut the bullshit

Why you carrying around baggage
From past decades
Grinding for minimum wages of routine
Rigamorole all control freaks

Who can’t hold onto hope for too long
The beast will break you weak
Streets can make you strong

What’s more beautiful
Than summer morning
As we wait for dawn

yeah i moved


Take a chance stage dive
When unexpected watch panic set in

Let syllables bungie
Gravity grounds you in the ghetto

Petrified perpetual
Reasons been regretful
Recent resent sent again
Return to sender
Low postage

Marked date forgetting everything
Except your laughs

Drafts with holes in windows
Too chilly to get snuggly
Brisk breeze pull skully tighter
Early riser sun won’t pull
Something surprising

Flicking mooga
Left pockets parched

No phosphoro
For back up clips to spark

Stark bleak stare
Widescreen off tint
Collide scope dark canvas

Who waits for
Tomorrow wasting today
Watching yesterday
Disappear hoping to blow up
Next week

All the ashes will resemble
Statues where shadows once stood

Don’t celebrate execution
Or rejoice in demise

Dance with divine one more time