The city is my muse

Breathing that traffic train
Rush hours heart don’t stop
Until you get home from work

Brick wind
Concrete grill bitter
Go to hospital be iller

Hit fruit stand
Shiny apple in rotten manzana

Street level pharmacist
Lets you self medicate

Cost of living easy to hate
Gentrifucker hipster
Pricing you out petty paradise
Faking discovering your corner

Life and death been
Standing on the crossroads

Opportunity missed the shuttle bus
Regret begging for a transfer

If you give me a swipe
I’ll freestyle a bootleg fuzzy
With laugh track and camcorder jiggle

Bleak clouds tear jerker
Benefit cut Boar’s Head
Diaper loose and beef pattie

Crying baby needs to nurse
Under neon dollar menu

Parents missing in action
Tears collected in reservoir
Ready to be bottled purified from tap
Slapped by sidewalk

Who will stop and feed that child
Raise youth find beauty in cold cement
Joy in barely paying rent

Suspense not knowing where yesterday went
Born in uncertain barrio

Who will lend you a napkin
If you leak from jugular

Oppression so regular got grooves
Where stiff cuff clicks
Paint by numbers chaos

Sidewalk chalk body outlines
Reaching vertical stretched horizontal

Blast Uptown Baby at OT drivethru
Forever bleed Knicks orange blue
Haunted by lack of success overdue

Make it aqui you will be popping papi
Si no another case of the coulda shoulda
Who wouldn’t put up a battle worthy

Candlelight memorial even if you empty
Every 40 guzzled gallon of goose
Hyped off henny you still can’t drip
As heavy as east flowing to Harlem

Bubbling to Atlantic
Stranded on islands of isolation
Cut the bullshit

Why you carrying around baggage
From past decades
Grinding for minimum wages of routine
Rigamorole all control freaks

Who can’t hold onto hope for too long
The beast will break you weak
Streets can make you strong

What’s more beautiful
Than summer morning
As we wait for dawn

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