Searching for Optimism

Pull up

Exchange routes

Either wise or points high
Swiftly drive by

Interrupt pacing
Racing against what we facing

Immeasurable odds
Forever filthy

Who will feel me
Look over like I love this guy
CPG benches type high

Manana embrace next level
Peace power and justice

Follow faith endless
Always family

Simply stuck
When we all soured up
And don’t give a fuck

What will try enough
Laughing while lurking
Who regards how you searching

Shut down
Next caveman catharsis
Sag with cane sugar

Props for going brazy
Syrupy corn

Exclusive fire
Throat raspy
Strip club market niche

3rd still scrapping everlasting
Past margin figure that’s cool
Extent of burned out topology

Make up craters age
Slams gravity on hollowed out lungs

This ain’t going nowhere
Soother gotta travel on rugged forest
Break fences ignite under branches

So hype you can taste spliffy saliva
Straight stuntastic rental stash

Riding slow obeying traffic laws
Against crooked bookings central
Anthem celebrate suffocating
What we wish to own

Original god building with ancient wisdom
How was you listening to concrete breathe
Lyrics classic quotable
Chasing chickens

Paint perfect trap talk
Young’n undersmell dank aroma
Light depression heavy clouds
No more or left

Take a leak test
Sum up all your experiences
Results ain’t no epiphany

Extinguished side on
Who back you got

Overstand how reckless fools are
Stooges hobbling for crossover
Ankles all ashy

This brother preaching homicide
When he needs hope and a hot meal
Cool room to crash

When everybody bounce
You still listening to your hood hits
While crew said Fuck You
You stayed wanting end of night el

If flock’s dead who can guide sheep
Towards revival

Resurrection ain’t easy
If respiration’s potential is cloudy
Fizzy piss determines which way you drive

When we gonna thrive
Absolutely complacent with
Public housing paradise

Yap where you at
False prophets fake followers

For Venom can only hope that we apply
Lessons to strengthen next generation

No guidance for chancla entourage
Pinball piff spots perhaps
Next presidents will have passed time like this

Illuminate infrastructure injected inferiority
Within each puff how powerful
Parents potted where your youth lit it loud

Had it once upon a had to grow up
Gain more mananas young brolic
Flexing like fuck it hashtag validviolation

Push purpose in that pen
Friends like family only few left
Go get it the best

Less than never
Stay quite clever
For what you given

Much is owed
Load blessed burden

New world turning in innocent brains
Still that kid from Clason Point Lane

Look yourself in mirror
Please say I CAN
Gather glorious gospel in new land
Embrace unknown
What’s yet to come shall be grand

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