trying to keep living yall

Honest body

Blessed temple
Might be some next
Shaky don’t get easily gassed

Time passed
Grab clock
On pause

Presence don’t mean
Someone will pay mind

Knowledge background noise
Harmonize horrible high notes

Soldout symphony
Static shatter frequency
Bold clarity

Molecules residue yesterday’s trauma
Delicate armor skin

Brain still rattling chains
Invisible cuffs
Palmful wallet

Scratched couldn’t identify attribute
Powerful energy
Set you free

Zoom while walking
Silly superhero humble humor
Take off when you want

Packed duffel full of doubt
On quest fulfill duty

Duende darkens night
Precise pinnacle of power

Demons say you ain’t ready
Unsteady on loose rock

Spinning like you stuck
Lick knuckles
Bloody due diligence curled fist
Sweaty adrenaline

Which way do we go

Can’t look at compass
Heart guides what’s next breaths you make
Take reparation by any leans necessary

Don’t die
Waiting on greatest miracle to manifest

Each second blessed
Even when you won’t see past struggle

Bubble burst
Flaunt flotation

Material consumption
Pockets don’t got bottom

Who follows apologies of broke philosophers
Barely cover basics but
Craft complex cocotazos

Raise palms to cry manana is possible
If I add up this stress to wavy yesterdays
Might could ride this current
Back to uncomfortable coast

Touch this land have a chance
Beginning one more mile in magical marathon

Bound to be strong
Blessed fire diving spark
Giving warmth

Replenish what been diminished
Epiphany reinvented when kindly connect

Invite insight
Pigeon shit on you for suerte
Said good luck
Take flight

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