It was the YAMS
            SIP Steven Rodriguez

Every blackout
Becomes more like Bushwick in 77
Or the Boogie in 05

Thinking you live
More rehearsed regression

Poison a weapon pointed at temple
Filtered through battered liver

Liquor liquid pain
Leaving you in physical hurt

Translated in lyrical verse
About leaning while vertical

Dreaming while drowning
In puddle of purple hurl

Different world when elders
Never served as positive example

Take classic sample distorted
Standard of realness transported

OT back and forth
Work designed to bring profit

Crossing state lines
Crimes are pass limits
Of human consumption

Uncontrolled substance packaged
Luxury brand high end fashion

Corner is runway
Bring crackers close to where we live

Make em sponsor our suffering with
Cross pollinated culture

Vultures hover over bloated carcass
Getting plug on exclusive epitaph
Scratchitti on tombstone

Bottle up tears
Fragrance sour and eau de tragedy

Tattooed MOBB LIFE across knuckles
Who knew celebrity shuffle would rob life

Had all the CEOs waiting on Hood Pope
Pretty Flacko

Bag up the block
Blessings squeeze through stylish streets

Brief appearance give motivation
Added inspiration from aura
Trapped by slavish system

When we make our pain popular
They might listen

Lords Never Worry Bout Pesos
Standing in rain on 1 train platform
From Dyckman to the Ferry

Knowing this vida if you don’t got it
Go get it

Always Strive and Prosper
Assassinate Snakes and Punks
Abandon Stress and Pressure

Future will flip
Flex your heart
Simply strut

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