I still believe I'm a poet. I think that counts for something.

Hope Hangover

When you hit the block
Your fangs descend
Fishscales regenerate
On your exoskeleton

You got a concrete chin in a plywood jaw
With fire hydrant tears

The corner has little concern for
Your vulnerable exterior
Giving away Bravo chips and nacho cheese
On your scrawny shoulders

You left logic leaking from internal bleeding
Beneath the stop sign
Each gypsy cab takes as suggestion

Nobody obeys the speed limit here
Each pedestrian takes rush hour express
For a triplicate signature with notarized witness
Verifying they are you

Hop on shuttle bus completing off books transaction
But forgot a receipt testifying to withdrawal

Call next on full
Hope young boys don’t pick you last
Wait for ball to come to you

Take shot if you open
Make shorties remember your name
Because you got more grey hairs
Than they got losses

Half your sweat inherited
Another amount paranoid investment
For every spot tell them your war stories
Nobody cares unless currency confirmed

Exchanged debt on what you can’t pay
Let gravity pile up your change caliber
Hit up yala to hold a loosey on the arm
While Lucy on patrol salivating for you to spit

Could you ever switch
Write that slithery solo

Dolo to cabeza association of abandona’o
Ese tipo bien pasa’o
Pero chewing for what you can barely nibble

Where mi gente know the riddle of life
Ain’t no fortune cookie

Terrific trinity
Sour haze kush
Begging salvation in front of Holy Cross
Scared to step in all the sins might sting
While angels stare

Who care except who still surviving
Long to scribble in these pages
Face a pagina blanca

Ain’t a smidgeon resembling pigeon
Shitting on you for Buena suerte
Cheers to customers hunting for ganga
Direct dollar tree 99 cent or more
Keep crib mistolin fresh despite
Kitty litter or Entourage

Pausa slash on skin
Buck fifty gauze stitch
Guava guayabera on triple fat goose

Gully peace god
Attempting to maintain
Apply this daily science
So you won’t get an F in finance

Felon without inside tips
Ribs boneless
No bonus for overtime on benches

Homie don’t get spoiled by fine selection
Perforation on back means
Pull with skilled perfection

These walls give dull reception
Sculpt scars around intimidating white space
In a race with shadow
Beating you to finish line

Pinata papi
Candy spin out sugary guts

Take a dump from your clip
Left a few by window sill

Each morning had daily ritual
Sorta iffington in air gone scent linger
Longer than you think

Too much time in between barbed wire parenthesis
Can’t invent these dreams

Wherever you at is the scene
Jungle ain’t gone
Fall through pay your friendly visit

Pain on exhibit
Vintage played out fashion

Wear those wrinkles so well
Old citizen how could you yell
All frazzle stubble

More polite pebble than sure solid rock
On top receding shore
Dawn days of yore

Bubba yummy
Blink unwrap mind map

Where you at
None of your clucking fitness
Tick to click

Memory straight hit trig
Once a kid
Sing a song of Solomon
Lonely king

Hold it like a boulder
Bolsa de fuego waiting to be lit
Who got next twist
Stuff a godfather burned in effigy
Fresh recipe precise knocking
Got whole hood shaking

Over there cheating no duplication
Rain gives papercuts
Bills go extra crispy

Miss me with that frail knowledge
Representation of CPG wise scholars

Ponder tomorrow
Powder pepper trails with dutch remnants
For you to follow

Stuck in town puddle drowns
Strike hype chord praise Lord

Shiver chills ill with bagged up cure
Emptied to be refilled
Form jagged geometry
Geology bugged landscape
Parched tundra

Transform backpark into pop up gallery
Sidewalk silent auction
Spontaneous game from 10473 893 7354

Original numbers remembered
Like scabs you forgot you fell

Train rumble schedule
Static standing behind line caution

Read the signs or
Hack up lung butter fine

Cram shred of steroid corroded beef
Don’t know why or who we fighting
Bare truth at special committee

Where does your sangre stand
Shattered with no lint magic dust

Only got honesty left
With hands out

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