Throwback performance

Anthony Morales, Black Poets Speak Out @Split This Rock, 2016


western grebes are ill

rushing ceremony

blink; heal upon sacred touch/face blush/as body flushes out grief shame doubt/no question what you are about/crown open claim clarity brother lucker/mask on laugh now cry later/these tears don’t come in packets of artificial fructose flavor/screams got concentrated sodium/veins bursting blood pressure/either smiling or scowling/heart still alive/place palm on chest/establish cyclical breath/natural rise/steady pace/growing past set final stretch/have not reached regression yet/ever ripening maturity/artisanal cure/hand crafted personal blend/seasoned each session with secretive spells/sculpted by sunrise or streetlight/every bird saw was god on scene/impeccable fragility/deliver spirit willingly/move according to blood veen diagram/overlapping agenda/elegant execution/ruby throated resurrection/tame instinct attack instant/passive resistance/damming demise/crested courage/tufted temerity/top billed brink/true footed duty/cannot depend on cookie preservatives/scorching burner or cold floor in booking will learn quick/can’t carry weight of previous delays into new day/brand new rebirth into destiny/searching for lost scraps/when picture been staring back/wherever want to go/along for bumpy ride/home is ultimate destination/can’t determine when arrive/in your time/not mine/so if late/let me be/punctual eventual/when meant to see/scream triumphant a si!!!!!/leave box behind/step light/run on water/ten steps flapping/take off soar/gone next flight


been gone

enough; basta
            after dumb shit, end of always fronting

reaper profits
christmas bonus from our demise

evil will turn righteous spirit into zombie slaves

hard to behave
pacing in a cage
trapped by funky morals

which way do you grow
when shadows attached to shoulders

heart colder than
wind on wet naked skin

hugs craving human touch
if alone
a smile can reconnect

laughing at our tragic situation
such oblivious ignorance

passionate action requires
responsibility of heavenly presence

won’t communicate unless we can hear
clear conversation

tempting rushed judgement
we don’t see true representation

only angry archetypes
in search of stereotypical satisfaction

hatred distracts from core issues
missing point
reach for convenient scapegoat

soothe your confused soul
barely hanging by thinning scalp

sculpt statues out of doubt boulders
conference at crooks cypher
repatriate their pockets

thieves think tank
why fingers so sticky
at neverending feast ever full

assassins steal god’s light
for capital contracts spending
currency that couldn’t come back

revenge got us
losing pinky toes and stubby thumbs

until all that is left
is middle one

flipping off kindness
switch so eyes focused on faith

can barely feel our way through dark
so gloomy morning might not shine

reminded by mission
declaring gift to universe

what shall you offer to lift your fellow brother
how can you support your beautiful sister

we all pray towards the sun
on this tiny planet
earth we living


respeck on mi nombre

.950 radical invasion

if this ain’t the one/then guess better clap another/yes peace, good brother/no harm/humble jewels after hacked horror/picture much larger/than 4 block radius/who hates us/worst than cracked reflection/change perception/alignment severe crooked critical/in that red zone/barely looking to score/no thirst this evil/prowling for your quiet/cooped up on couch/damaged dungeon/salte de ahi/mystery turtle shell/cat hiss/wing flap/snake bite/bark; don’t fuck with anger/spoiled standard/superstar substance/trash in abundance/recognize displeasure/see your scars/mine got slit yesterday/wanted to heal since/honored chosen/recovery from broken family slow motion/explosion shards of invisible glass/beneath heart/admit/vida did not happen/anyway planned/if this magic/is blind fuckup/you lucky/piece of beautiful wonder/clown strings can’t stand/what been pulling/dull nail pounds hammer/in wisdom’s cavity/severe insanity/floundering lack of focus/scattered distracted/all lines dead/entire poetry discography/easily available/ask/so what if you don’t know me/fam & hood call me tony/but it is mr anthony morales to you buddy/props but fux the recognition/how willing are you to love/not judge/tell me que soy feo/if looking ugly

don't worry/i'm alive

hasty dip (109/exit 11/noble & lafayette/60th)

unlimited entrances/101 exits/what’s the strategy to maintain/leave me be/let leaves fall in early autumn/at your very highest/faint heard death calling/won’t pick up phone/until no more love available/addiction is flesh eating scavenger/eager for empty mind to get wasted/bring your own brave beverage/above average rage/sinks below barest minimum wage/acting like never attended one of those sessions/screamed ay dios mio after smacked/osity had you like/frog tongue/midget trumpet/pin the uh the pin/thee but uh thee to the bee/only you can laugh at joke no one else will find funny/guy like you someday gonna go somewhere/found sitting on chopped trunk/counting rings/wandering watching stream filter/further north/crown to calloused corn/how so gone but never left/left as if always stay/stay like no place else to see/saw who else except me/still smoking sour in search of first time taste/so many wild mistakes/new & improved management/could handle today/might switch manana into blueprint for sustainable future/urgent list of priorities/failed to accomplish/abstract objective/creating legacy/while allowing healing/never was your fault/you did nothing wrong


another session

blunts upon a dime

/was your major       concern/never was               long term/past          what we were burning/       so don’t ask me         about establishing                legacy/wasn’t ready                         after graduation/young                   climate of confusion/misdirection is first glance               of illusion/all your ruins           have fossils/bleak                 reminder of               stark failures/           how the frack            did you leak that star/            did you peak              thus far/or are you               on belly flop ascent/ within lies      unique characteristic/          improvise       don’t allow             scripted statistic/      already missed          all those parties                                 you wouldn’t have attended/         mysteries blended into harsh truth/straight             no blazer/                  state of grace extra blessings as appetizers/                     fried disasters main course/desert refreshing/    sweet to shake you awake/ o for hoodness escape/        explosions contained within flammable veins/     average unknown ghosts             visit quite often/       dap up            the doubt/     so you                         at least            show face/                 don’t hang too late/              swing blindly at piñata         full of mistakes/        watch blunders stick behind you like                     shooting targets attached to where you wouldn’t wash off with weak reach/          soap and water masks hidden stench        trap marathon/oppression stacked generations shuffled/                                    jokers wild/black sheep       flavor fever nobody wants you to chill around/one deep           to the head    coolest company kept/  own best enemy worst friend/                   won’t wear anybody else’s skin                  except for this           oily sweaty     hairy skinny               epidermis/largest act up aching/               drink more water/                won’t be so ashy/     somebody threw sessions’ tray on your forehead/      with wrinkles and greys that won’t exfoliate/                  ghetto gravity stank attitude accelerate atrophy/            either wither or pudge away/ this can be the day   you put sin to the side/                   high senses keenly aware                all the action happening                  while party still chat/                     don’t be too loud                   off the volume in that bag/stashed/shush/          what up          how you feel/                        great/             at this lovely family gathering/                               had an epiphany                               look

mira estupido

noid nincompoop

spine cracking/dry knuckles/scuffed knees/too many falls/wrists same size as shorty/closest to seeing skeleton/fast forward/chubby ribs/stretch out/posture/so won’t be hunchback/always looking/for what you lost/large worth/work every flaw/stop biting nails/stop burning loose/stop frequenting hot blocks/stop eating bacon egg & cheese each morning/stop absorbing everyone else’s anxiety/tried sobriety/quite sobering/procrastinate premise/potential readily stagnates/within flabby hairy chest/you need to find home/growing where you planned breeds good awareness/slight preparedness/eager slip up/so sloppy/watch where you step/breaths provided by damaged respiration $/lungs rejuvenated/lighter load/limit to getting done/stiff starch preserves rotten wrinkles/wipe worry off sweaty brow/place finger inside/electric belly/whiff umbilical attachment/parched chakras block knowledge porque/left with hands in air/asking for almighty absolution/start to look at your life/in context/rest of world/conscious of privilege/love as purely as/foolish heart can endure/regressive like pathetic hairline/javiel’s knockout responsible/for demise of your nervous front/after parents split/emergency excuse became everyday/add profundity of heartache/in long scope of nuyorican history/no wonder you so lifted/galvanized by anonymous/police invasion of apt 7a/hammer to skull/instant silence/trauma funny/pop up however you don’t remember/until least convenience/manifested malaise/knot stuck in trapezius/since each moment hands held behind back/unable to escape/petty mistakes/never your fault/wrap bony arms/around each poem/fast like holding your wife/who you guess/still loves beyond convention/of nothing else/so rushed many years in/what do you have/to show for/twisted travels/except for entire anthology/in crate at bottom of mother in law house/that your better half/wants to purchase/necio nescio/at least this body/of service