western grebes are ill

rushing ceremony

blink; heal upon sacred touch/face blush/as body flushes out grief shame doubt/no question what you are about/crown open claim clarity brother lucker/mask on laugh now cry later/these tears don’t come in packets of artificial fructose flavor/screams got concentrated sodium/veins bursting blood pressure/either smiling or scowling/heart still alive/place palm on chest/establish cyclical breath/natural rise/steady pace/growing past set final stretch/have not reached regression yet/ever ripening maturity/artisanal cure/hand crafted personal blend/seasoned each session with secretive spells/sculpted by sunrise or streetlight/every bird saw was god on scene/impeccable fragility/deliver spirit willingly/move according to blood veen diagram/overlapping agenda/elegant execution/ruby throated resurrection/tame instinct attack instant/passive resistance/damming demise/crested courage/tufted temerity/top billed brink/true footed duty/cannot depend on cookie preservatives/scorching burner or cold floor in booking will learn quick/can’t carry weight of previous delays into new day/brand new rebirth into destiny/searching for lost scraps/when picture been staring back/wherever want to go/along for bumpy ride/home is ultimate destination/can’t determine when arrive/in your time/not mine/so if late/let me be/punctual eventual/when meant to see/scream triumphant a si!!!!!/leave box behind/step light/run on water/ten steps flapping/take off soar/gone next flight

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