I love my grandmother, Melba Burgos!

Abuelita abuelita no llore mas
Abuelita abuelita en su vida praying for paz

How did you feel before getting on that avion

English weak but your faith strong as back bearing jibaro burden
Decade after decade world turning always towards sunny manana

Hustle your way through factorias
Sowing lace luxury undergarments by day
By night open and shut down the Copa

Una mujer en la ciudad
Bailando until breakadawn

Ritmo mas profundo makes you sing along
Release all that pena each song

Large family in small apartments
Dreams squeezed into roach motel railroad
Prewar buildings born for arson insurance

Drama kept you moving
Hard to preach Que Pasa Power
When children are starving

Cornflakes with water
Ketchup sandwich bacalaito for breakfast
Yucca for dinner

May the Lord be with you always
We feeble fellow sinners
Don’t pass judgement on next brother

Who knows when emptiness will be fulfilled
Grandma’s hands crotchet Lares flag
Collecting dust in back of closet

Let tumbleweeds push past parched desert
Constant conversation with Dios
From your blessed mouth to beloved ears

On your side no boogieman to fear
Except monsters you been created
Image of Beetlejuice don’t say name 3 times
Appear instantly behind bad memories

Distraction is contagious
Top of head to bottom of toes
Become your holy gospel before eyes close

Shielding you from hood frights
City skyline in broken distance
Bedroom looking at Rikers Riverside
Harlem State building to Empire

Hardwired to hold on to hope
Kiss your bony knuckles to knock out negativity
Followed by heavenly trinity

Sunrise to midnight
Echandolo Pa’lante never polite

Your smile is a kite
Flying from highest cascada en el Yunque
Able to see Guzman Abajo
And look up at confianza constellations

Forever watching



Back amongst origins exploring again

Discovered old journals
Handwriting hasn’t improved
Barely legible hardly forgettable

So many nights still trying to understand
What’s already been said

This is not to make friends
Along red cracked ground

How does the view sound
80 year old trees
Whistle with hood bochinche

Who got locked dropped copped
Chopped stopped

Where did imagination go?

Nobody plays on the block unless
You got kicked out with nowhere else to be
Except dribble on a dry patch

Couldn’t catch the cloud
If they throw bombs onions in your wax gear

Wish I could be tough enough to survive a shot
Body and brain begin soul transition to otherside

Where you look back from old photos
Only revisited when they remember
Death anniversary and birthday

All the inbetweens hopefully had some
Laughter tears scars
Drifting out in the stars distant universe

Like your multi purpose
Electronic supersonic hood
Just like CPG except you live for infinity
Time beyond distance

If we was all perfect
There would be no wrinkles grey hairs
Missing teeth lumps where ain’t supposed to be
Eating preservatives

Run around the park
Get a couple laps to keep up that youth
Spoiled sitting on manmade carcass

Cold case still throbbing mobbing with sadness
No time for relaxing

Keep pushing no simple spaces lovely curves
More ugly words proverbs and psalms

Controlled remotely by robot making you digital
Supreme mind of knowledge criminal

Bless you until vegetable
Are you letting you?

Go how you screaming
Bless you salud dinero amor

Divine only helps
Those who help themselves

you already wearing your costume

What type of terror

Exist in murky blood puddles
Fangs dripping off flesh of fools

Talking live zombies at thriller video shoot
Past midnight when freaks been out getting faded

Sunshine cause vampires to hibernate
Put on a scream mask and sit in shadows waiting for next victim

Predictable outcome brother dies early
White girl is saved
Couple shouldn’t have snuggled
Surprising villain
Light snuff film

Sadistic psychotic within your optic
Locked in fantasies of massacre for times
Invisible bullies attacking you

Mosquito drones are tracking you
Metadata conquers metaphysical

Mediocre typical brainwashed leeches

Frogs jumping up down block
Spiders crawling snakes slither
Ravens cry never more

All a part of savage ghetto picture
Black white moody greys
Hissing radiators
Creeking doors

Who is out to get me
Demons and devils waiting whenever you ain’t ready

Eyeballs creep roll to slow focus
Teeth chatter from misty frio

Cono compai que lio
Without mystery machine or Scooby doo

Proverbial creep standing middle of deserted road
Lonely barrio with nowhere to go

Wasteland destroyed
Infrastructure damaged population
Controlled by government concentration

One channel clear media manipulation
No escaping matrix unless you conquered fear
Used as fuel for survival

Hope is vital
Faith is necessary
Love is revolutionary
When confronting scary cold planet

Time to be action hero
With horror movie script you been handed
Improvise inspiration memorize motivation

Tomorrow depends on saints and angels collaboration
Got God’s army prepared to bang out with Satan

Convinced 85ers he doesn’t exist
Easy to ignore evil

Peace and positivity belongs to the people
Righteousness will always triumph over wrong

Whenever you shook
You must resolve your foundation to be strong


my pillow


Don’t let your son run away
Hold him tight against chest

Until he tells you
It’s time to walk

Learning to talk
Comes first with a set of demands

Divine can lift you vertical
Keep marching towards horizon
Enterprising your energy

Vida is endless entropy

Letting dust settle
Before rising to next level

Volume surrounds whispers echo
Streetlights give
Glamorous shine to glorious ghetto

Scream at the sky
While walking over a bridge

Learn from subconscious
Give you instructions how to live

Gratitude determines your aptitude
Can’t complain if you slacking to lean

Can hardly dream if you only accept reality
Worth can’t be equated with salary

Cut the calories
Trim fat from diet
Please try it don’t fight it

Protector when patrolling playgrounds
Possible peligros

Stuck in same exact spot
Only thing changing is scenery

Same rock and tree keep passing on loop
Hasty pursuits

Faith can make you faster
All those accomplishments might gas you

Agree with your affirmations
Cultivate creative

Don’t let propaganda alter your native

Hold love in your hands

Don’t let anyone ever take it 


Hood Teacher Haikus

Affirmation Hood Teacher Haikus

Tell yourself each day
You are beautiful for real
Don’t lie believe it

Waiting for moments
Where your life can be frozen
Holding onto past

Crumbs on the page means
You writing some good tasty
Meals make sure there’s soul

Tired achy limbs
Pulsing throbbing joints sore cold
Massage the pain gone

I can’t give up on
A child who never had love
Each class a chance TEACH!

Young boys want to be
Spitting images of papa
Except he left THUG

caliente en las calles

Right around corner from the spot

Don’t let sensations be ephemeral
Handle your business

Sun reflects hood fantasies of going jamon
Crispy skin juicy flesh

Sweat breathes to release
Be careful who you swap spit with

Anyone who got a brandnew comeup
Who is this blowing up jack

Getting smacked where you laughed and played
Quickly young days pass

When in doubt say no
Have rights against self incrimination

How clean are your prints
State of art probation

In and out clean smooth
Sat stuck while world was dancing around you

Soak skyline while time allows
Ducks to cross river coasts

Rebrand the hood before developers invade
Thuggish soldier status
May keep crackers at bay

Beware; trademark and copywrite
Each good idea before it becomes a tshirt
Cup or bumper sticker

Can’t make up or choose family
Somehow exists organically

Headed towards another circle around sun
Looking for a better spot to fish

Even most gutter granite titerre
Got a plan for reformation

Can show prospects of brighter mananas
Mission statement should be
Forever sustainable legacy left behind

Indelible baked salmon lunch special
Indisposable cursed first impressions

Kept a great mask grinning genuine
Hidden pathologies inevitable sickness

Passed from generation
Clean slate
Remain dusty customers

In pursuit of barrio bliss for Borinqueneers

Gold streets promised
Never delivered



Prayer For Passive Resistance
            After Charles Mingus

So lazy I barely move
So lazy I barely move

When I get nothing
I got a bad attitude

So tired I fall asleep
So tired I fall asleep

Don’t know I’m fatigued
When I hardly reach

So angry my temper steams
So angry my temper steams

Lord I need self motivation
To work on my dreams

So push me to be better
So push me to be better

Been raining so long
Sun will shine
When I get it together

Grateful Instead

No thanks for old favors

Chessboard magnets for bad attention
No strategies freestyles fate

Every action feels like ain’t
Any disclaimer means just what you said

Pigs prowl like predators
Sucker jive slick senator

Exchange dope for hope
Elders grow lonely seek company

Smoke traces same spots
Been traveled in circles
Just to get back to where we already seen

Always on the move
Used your last no more

Find another empty space to be around
What have we recovered

Every word uttered sounds like same topic
Context can change your communion

Unseen documentary like tinted windows
Won’t let you see inside

Hard to provide
When you won’t switch  habits leading to decline

No rewind button barely make tapes to record
What have you loaded up

Folded up tiny bits of wrinkled paper
Can’t wait on the next individual to get mind right

Never allowed to take flight
Wasn’t given proper clearance

Call it whatever you want
Get green light and go

Why are you waiting
Satan resembles blue and whites following you
Asking you where you headed

Cuffs before ID back of cars with no rights
Still wounded haven’t fully healed

Just because you can’t name it
Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

Must be relentless in search of oasis
Script already written

How committed are you to your own breath

Past won’t let you forget
Black bruises on soul

Tried to fancy it up with dunks
Never can fake funk

Even wife will tell you
Glands excrete pestilence

Focus images
Trim your language

All natural local truth is free

Use enough to scheme another day
Adding up to prosperous future