I love my grandmother, Melba Burgos!

Abuelita abuelita no llore mas
Abuelita abuelita en su vida praying for paz

How did you feel before getting on that avion

English weak but your faith strong as back bearing jibaro burden
Decade after decade world turning always towards sunny manana

Hustle your way through factorias
Sowing lace luxury undergarments by day
By night open and shut down the Copa

Una mujer en la ciudad
Bailando until breakadawn

Ritmo mas profundo makes you sing along
Release all that pena each song

Large family in small apartments
Dreams squeezed into roach motel railroad
Prewar buildings born for arson insurance

Drama kept you moving
Hard to preach Que Pasa Power
When children are starving

Cornflakes with water
Ketchup sandwich bacalaito for breakfast
Yucca for dinner

May the Lord be with you always
We feeble fellow sinners
Don’t pass judgement on next brother

Who knows when emptiness will be fulfilled
Grandma’s hands crotchet Lares flag
Collecting dust in back of closet

Let tumbleweeds push past parched desert
Constant conversation with Dios
From your blessed mouth to beloved ears

On your side no boogieman to fear
Except monsters you been created
Image of Beetlejuice don’t say name 3 times
Appear instantly behind bad memories

Distraction is contagious
Top of head to bottom of toes
Become your holy gospel before eyes close

Shielding you from hood frights
City skyline in broken distance
Bedroom looking at Rikers Riverside
Harlem State building to Empire

Hardwired to hold on to hope
Kiss your bony knuckles to knock out negativity
Followed by heavenly trinity

Sunrise to midnight
Echandolo Pa’lante never polite

Your smile is a kite
Flying from highest cascada en el Yunque
Able to see Guzman Abajo
And look up at confianza constellations

Forever watching

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