caliente en las calles

Right around corner from the spot

Don’t let sensations be ephemeral
Handle your business

Sun reflects hood fantasies of going jamon
Crispy skin juicy flesh

Sweat breathes to release
Be careful who you swap spit with

Anyone who got a brandnew comeup
Who is this blowing up jack

Getting smacked where you laughed and played
Quickly young days pass

When in doubt say no
Have rights against self incrimination

How clean are your prints
State of art probation

In and out clean smooth
Sat stuck while world was dancing around you

Soak skyline while time allows
Ducks to cross river coasts

Rebrand the hood before developers invade
Thuggish soldier status
May keep crackers at bay

Beware; trademark and copywrite
Each good idea before it becomes a tshirt
Cup or bumper sticker

Can’t make up or choose family
Somehow exists organically

Headed towards another circle around sun
Looking for a better spot to fish

Even most gutter granite titerre
Got a plan for reformation

Can show prospects of brighter mananas
Mission statement should be
Forever sustainable legacy left behind

Indelible baked salmon lunch special
Indisposable cursed first impressions

Kept a great mask grinning genuine
Hidden pathologies inevitable sickness

Passed from generation
Clean slate
Remain dusty customers

In pursuit of barrio bliss for Borinqueneers

Gold streets promised
Never delivered

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