Grateful Instead

No thanks for old favors

Chessboard magnets for bad attention
No strategies freestyles fate

Every action feels like ain’t
Any disclaimer means just what you said

Pigs prowl like predators
Sucker jive slick senator

Exchange dope for hope
Elders grow lonely seek company

Smoke traces same spots
Been traveled in circles
Just to get back to where we already seen

Always on the move
Used your last no more

Find another empty space to be around
What have we recovered

Every word uttered sounds like same topic
Context can change your communion

Unseen documentary like tinted windows
Won’t let you see inside

Hard to provide
When you won’t switch  habits leading to decline

No rewind button barely make tapes to record
What have you loaded up

Folded up tiny bits of wrinkled paper
Can’t wait on the next individual to get mind right

Never allowed to take flight
Wasn’t given proper clearance

Call it whatever you want
Get green light and go

Why are you waiting
Satan resembles blue and whites following you
Asking you where you headed

Cuffs before ID back of cars with no rights
Still wounded haven’t fully healed

Just because you can’t name it
Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

Must be relentless in search of oasis
Script already written

How committed are you to your own breath

Past won’t let you forget
Black bruises on soul

Tried to fancy it up with dunks
Never can fake funk

Even wife will tell you
Glands excrete pestilence

Focus images
Trim your language

All natural local truth is free

Use enough to scheme another day
Adding up to prosperous future

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