you already wearing your costume

What type of terror

Exist in murky blood puddles
Fangs dripping off flesh of fools

Talking live zombies at thriller video shoot
Past midnight when freaks been out getting faded

Sunshine cause vampires to hibernate
Put on a scream mask and sit in shadows waiting for next victim

Predictable outcome brother dies early
White girl is saved
Couple shouldn’t have snuggled
Surprising villain
Light snuff film

Sadistic psychotic within your optic
Locked in fantasies of massacre for times
Invisible bullies attacking you

Mosquito drones are tracking you
Metadata conquers metaphysical

Mediocre typical brainwashed leeches

Frogs jumping up down block
Spiders crawling snakes slither
Ravens cry never more

All a part of savage ghetto picture
Black white moody greys
Hissing radiators
Creeking doors

Who is out to get me
Demons and devils waiting whenever you ain’t ready

Eyeballs creep roll to slow focus
Teeth chatter from misty frio

Cono compai que lio
Without mystery machine or Scooby doo

Proverbial creep standing middle of deserted road
Lonely barrio with nowhere to go

Wasteland destroyed
Infrastructure damaged population
Controlled by government concentration

One channel clear media manipulation
No escaping matrix unless you conquered fear
Used as fuel for survival

Hope is vital
Faith is necessary
Love is revolutionary
When confronting scary cold planet

Time to be action hero
With horror movie script you been handed
Improvise inspiration memorize motivation

Tomorrow depends on saints and angels collaboration
Got God’s army prepared to bang out with Satan

Convinced 85ers he doesn’t exist
Easy to ignore evil

Peace and positivity belongs to the people
Righteousness will always triumph over wrong

Whenever you shook
You must resolve your foundation to be strong

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