Back amongst origins exploring again

Discovered old journals
Handwriting hasn’t improved
Barely legible hardly forgettable

So many nights still trying to understand
What’s already been said

This is not to make friends
Along red cracked ground

How does the view sound
80 year old trees
Whistle with hood bochinche

Who got locked dropped copped
Chopped stopped

Where did imagination go?

Nobody plays on the block unless
You got kicked out with nowhere else to be
Except dribble on a dry patch

Couldn’t catch the cloud
If they throw bombs onions in your wax gear

Wish I could be tough enough to survive a shot
Body and brain begin soul transition to otherside

Where you look back from old photos
Only revisited when they remember
Death anniversary and birthday

All the inbetweens hopefully had some
Laughter tears scars
Drifting out in the stars distant universe

Like your multi purpose
Electronic supersonic hood
Just like CPG except you live for infinity
Time beyond distance

If we was all perfect
There would be no wrinkles grey hairs
Missing teeth lumps where ain’t supposed to be
Eating preservatives

Run around the park
Get a couple laps to keep up that youth
Spoiled sitting on manmade carcass

Cold case still throbbing mobbing with sadness
No time for relaxing

Keep pushing no simple spaces lovely curves
More ugly words proverbs and psalms

Controlled remotely by robot making you digital
Supreme mind of knowledge criminal

Bless you until vegetable
Are you letting you?

Go how you screaming
Bless you salud dinero amor

Divine only helps
Those who help themselves

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