Shits and Giggles

Boldly declare your identity
With no apology compromise or negotiation

Take or leave me for who I is
Proclaimed power practice in your preaching

Reaching beyond levels unseen
Connect reality to your dreams

No need to be timid in your bold affirmations
Can’t spend time awaiting another
To fall in love with your future

More distant than past yesterdays added up
To complicated cumulative experience

Perseverance and dedication to push
Through the drowning drought of doubt

Ink expands
Silence contracts

Makes your voice give language
To life lived within parenthesis

Heavy guarded caution do not enter
Signs encouraging you to never

Step outside yourself in quest for love
That should exist without expiration

Inside glowing Corazon in tune
With earth’s spinning all of us dizzy

Finding balance in middle of jungle
Gym monkey bars seesaw us climbing to the top

Take your time sliding to get to the bottom
Of what’s really bothering me

What’s the remedy for all your temerity
Tuck that shit the city is brutal break a bottle

On the building for the baptism of lost souls in all those
Houses bulldozed in the footprint

Feeling insignificant
In front of grandeur of grand opening

More hoping with soaking
In rhythms of pastime paradise

Realize life ain’t half as nice
As any other binary digital artifice

What happens when there is no electricity
What torch will you spark

Who are you left with
Only goons and sharks after dark

Slowly coming to a stop
Where you have to stop
Where you have to transfer

Go beneath the surface
To find that lava
That will light your holy path

Too many questions to ask
Few will answer constant reminders

Of prior transgressions reactions to document
As much as possible while paranoid

Never quiet in midst of gritty noise
Pause to analyze the causes and effects

Affecting your peripheral surroundings
Pounding of temples means brain is full
Of many illicit thoughts running wild

Make it to finish line for
Breathtaking exhilaration
So hilarious

You could regurgitate right now
Just for shits and giggles


What will you carve out the concrete

Tears don’t make beautiful fossils
Shift in breeze causes flare of nostrils

Hostile towards anyone bumping into profile
Hands full of hair clenched enough to rip out roots
Scuffles on the floor with sessions understeps

Ain’t too much time left
When you been counting every second

Adding up all the loose change
To chain along individual looseys

Giving you a funny feeling about
Where you headed

How much deception can you pocket
Pick your spoils

Where you show up camouflaged
With shadows of sandstorms
At Orchard nicknamed chocha

Loco how schools go in four year cycles
Of rebirth renaissance new ideas

Building on top of firm foundation
Ability to question deconstruct

King court jester on your mother tongue
Language distanced from ancient wisdom forgotten

Make limited edition knowledge wholesale
Might get your understanding

Shining over constant turmoil
Destroying us asunder

Providing the sounds for veteran fiends
Still got that good groove enough dance moves

To never lose focus keep awake even though
Eyes drift to lower raptures plateau

Feels so lovely comfortable oppression
Like hand me down holy socks

Sweaters keeping chill away in winter
Keep in touch with your inner sanctum

Sanctuary condominium confusion
Down payment on doubt so easy

Hold it on the arm when clouds exist in chest
Take another congested breath

Describe the blinking momentum
Pushing you to lay down

Push away from the table saying I’ll be right back
Knowing you already bounced

Hoping your ghosts will create something timeless

Context critical consciousness
Aware of all your criminal sin

Oblivious of the obvious
Ridiculous regular sentences describe daily battles

Much rather build than destroy

Leave pieces of your soul
All over the proximity

Don’t go with your death so willingly