the words walked away

Feels as if the words walked away

And never cam back home

Tyring to find a different objective

Examine the collective for factory flaws

Unwilling to pause the forward momentum

Too much to handle

Place candles by the window

Hoping the spirits may circle and surround

A wide open ear so you may hear the sound

Of silence that means the opposite of sweet dreams

Thin line between reality and fantasy

Who determines the exact outcomes

Imperfect obscenities plentiful

Observe humanity no one on a pedestal

How can you push proactivelyu

Against damaging floods

Blood blended into smoothies smoothly

Sliding off in search of whatever sin

Makes you smile

Your profile of your good side

Got your bad facing the shadows

Within the darkness brighter side on the flip

The greasy details of the script have been overlooked

Walking the straight line crooked

Who knew every step would lead to Central Bookings

You lost the combination to your own freedom

Steady killings the fable of once upon a time

Because the blunts beyond your mind

Have left you in critical spaces

You lack the basis for a fundamental analysis

Of overstanding the circumstances

Behind the bad romances of your barrio

Where there have been broken hearted

Walk of fame with teardrops personalized

With your signature the calligraphy

Of your confidence has been scribbled sloppily

There has been a severe lack of comprehension

Confounded by making connections

With stars that will never touch the ground

Rotation from the sun

Ill if we could shine below the sky

As clouds hold conferences

To acknowledge the positivity radiated

Gravitated towards the ghetto’s charm and grace

Could scream towards heaven and feel safe

Amongst all the voices harmonizing

Singing the same songs of struggle

Life just a scuffle between demons and angels

Who resemble strangers who strike you familiar

Like seen you before someplace like this

Exactly not quite

Precisely not really

The coordinates haven’t been mapped

To the final destination

Figure out how you are going to get

To where you are going

Before the clock expires

Kill em with Kindness

Kill em with Kindness,

              Or you couldn’t see your light

                            For Tyler


Always after the blossoms have bloomed

You ate your first cococherry icy of the summer

To let you know the season has arrived


Early morning wakeups just to survive


Make meaning out of confused sense

A twisted form of accepting reality

Your vision of the future foggy


Now you gaze groggily at the sun

Signaling a new day has risen


Let us rejoice and be thankful


Ignoring counting your blessings

Because you couldn’t do the math

The sky high price of what you lost

Has left your sense of security staggering


Speaking through broken teeth

Has you spitting on people for emphasis


Evaluating the basis of your displacement

Stagnant anticipating your next expiration date


Redemption has shown up far too late

Even with a remix attached to the bonus track

Exclusive digitally enhanced messages have gone

Undiscovered while you were deep

In discussion of dumb shit in detail


Instead of asking the mirror

What happened to your promise

What have you done for me lately

Have you said farewell to your failures

And welcome to all your wishes


It’s no wonder your dreams have dipset on your destiny


Within your energy no possibility for eventually

Only endlessly perpetually cycle of reruns

Of yesterday’s bugging whole lot of mind numbing

Nonsense to laugh at because otherwise

The flood of tears would be nonstop


Easier to wear a copywritten mask

With the bleak background of the block as you bop


If you got something on lock

Then where is the chain


Decide how you will be remembered

And what legacy remains


A stained tee shirt with wrinkled eyes almost saintly pose

A once a year candle flickering against the cold


Our souls are old but the stories still so young

Same song loud volume hard to understand words


So hard to spell out your hood

When all the letters have the same sound

Of absolute robberies triumphing over ancient philosophies


Impossible is where you have planted yourself

Paint yourself with the prophecies of your pain

Like rainbow colors of your amazing chase