real quick blog in a few minutes before class...life is good despite the fact the knicks suck and don't seem to be getting any better. allan houston is being paid to look nice in suits on the bench, and i can't pay the bills on time. what a life.

soundview bronx soundview bronx. hopefully that will get people here. i did a quick search for info about my area of the city and didn't realize how much crazy local politics there are. the diaz family runs the local politics and certain people don't like them. i met ruben diaz jr and he was cool, a year or two older than my bro. most defintely have to build with the brother.

story ave is receiving a lot of feedback which is a good thing. any layout folks holla back at me. i'm trying to hook up the cover too.

kay slay v big mike mixtapes: the verdict? that big mike is fire!! i mess with kay slay but sometimes the screaming kills the whole point of the song. i'll take dblock/gunit exclusives way before papoose/dipset exclusives although that cam'ron kanye song is FIRE!!!!!! kanye get at me for real.....

all that band is incredible that show in skidmore is gonna be fire...

slim n*gga that cast a big shadow signing off......


como esta mi gente,

hope that things have been good. i've been running all over the city trying to make this teacher/artist thing work. el puente is an amazing place and teaching there is a privilege. being able to perform and write poetry is a beautiful thing and i am totally blessed with the chance to share my thoughts with peoples. i try to realize to not take things for granted.

this friday i will be at skidmore college in upstate ny. i'm looking forward to rocking b/c this is like my third or fourth time there. new shit!!!

shout out to the folks i was chilling with yesterday. good sessions, good times.

shout out to the people who have found this page somehow someway.

things i'm feeling this week: new nas album, fresh nike dunk premiums, my laptop, bootleg naughty stuff from 125th, and collected fiction of leroi jones...

peace progress y poder....


so what's good folks. if anyone was offended by my last post, my apologies. that was a few days after the election and a lot of the raw emotion had yet to be released. i've learned that a lot of what happened can't be attributed to ignorance but actually people making conscious choices for this man who has steered us in the wrong direction. now we need to understand this breed of bush voter. sorta "how the other half lives".

on the bright side, i finally got a laptop, and my baby holds me down. this piece of equipment is probably the flyest thing i own and i'm glad that i finally copped this. long overdue.

on that same note, i most definitely spent too much money this weekend. that's what happens when you try to ball out.

speaking of ball hopefully i've have more positive things to say about my squad, the NY Knicks. I love them and I hate them, the highest paid team in NBA and we are worse than the Bobcats. We should learn a lesson from the Yanks, you can't buy heart. Starbury this is your world!!!!!

so right now finally writing my first post from my laptop in El Puente's computer lab. here's to many more....GO KNICKS!!!! WIN TONITE!!! NYC NEEDS IT!!!


One America? Fams it hasn't been since slavery. One Future? Why then do poor folks not get an equal slice of the American (Devils') Pie?

All that anger, frustration, pain? Use it wisely folks for positive ends.

Like my brother said, who in the lifetime I've known him, has never been as politically aware as I see him now, "it is his country. no more excuses." in other words, he sh*tted in his own bed, now he gotta smell it and try to make his drawers smell snuggle clean. after such a big dump, it ain't gonna be easy for him.

i can't believe i got better grades than this fool at andover. holla at me.

pa'lante mi gente....nunca pa'tras......


kerry why you sell out...?
so bush wins...

i can't front folks i felt a little defeated and depressed when i first heard the news but i felt that way last night before i went to bed.

so what do we do now?

continue to struggle folks....pa'lante siempre....