como esta mi gente,

hope that things have been good. i've been running all over the city trying to make this teacher/artist thing work. el puente is an amazing place and teaching there is a privilege. being able to perform and write poetry is a beautiful thing and i am totally blessed with the chance to share my thoughts with peoples. i try to realize to not take things for granted.

this friday i will be at skidmore college in upstate ny. i'm looking forward to rocking b/c this is like my third or fourth time there. new shit!!!

shout out to the folks i was chilling with yesterday. good sessions, good times.

shout out to the people who have found this page somehow someway.

things i'm feeling this week: new nas album, fresh nike dunk premiums, my laptop, bootleg naughty stuff from 125th, and collected fiction of leroi jones...

peace progress y poder....

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