No Tienes Miedo This Halloween

Do not be afraid

Do not be wicked when you barely been innocent
Do not be militant if you not willing to die for your noble fraud

Do not be self righteous when you can barely wipe your ass
Do not be curious if you comfortable in your ignorant bliss

Do not be wise fool be broke and happy with your simple ways
Do not expect tomorrow to be easy if you can’t deal with today’s troubles

Do not waste your soothing moments with tense tontos
Who have no sense of where they are headed like you
Lost hanging on rolling up hoping to hear something good

Do not judge the next man when you have been
As played out papi chulo as plastic playerific
Fatalistic fiend tempermental teen
Motherfucking machisto who makes up his own myth

Do not perfect your craft let your gut hang chichos all lovely

Do not hold onto heroes as superhuman
Pedestal got peglegs attached to carefully painted portrait

Do not get flashy with your fame stay simple as hungry as you came
Do not turn lame making literati laugh but the homies couldn’t catch the joke

Do not smoke with paranoid ghost dogs who take freebie chiefies

Do not weaken your speech to narrow your reach

Do not release your grip while riding shaky train

Do not just maintain current malaise escape invisibility completely conspicuous
Do not get lonely when crowded accidental flagrance purposeful fragrance

Do not be vague vagrant blend with transience transition your hues mix with greys

Do not be careful with what you say careless what you can sculpt rocky terrain

Do not let tears remain tasty salty cheeks stubbly bumble
Do not fumble mumble or grumble

Do not hold on to bundles you can’t handle
Pass out pounds
Roll up the Constitution so you can burn away your right to be a delirious luxury loving citizen of prepackaged organic

Do not take your anger out on a shadow
Darkness has nothing to do with your depths
How far you’ve sunk shows how much you can rise

Do not be shook or shy
World will see fear
As soon as you blink misty eyes

MC Tipo Loco Mixtape Vol Ill

Make it Rain Journals
                After RS

Un tipo loco declares
I got an interview with Harvard tomorrow
Gonna get up at 1 am right now its 1130 am

Been screaming non stop
Gillie da kid ghostwriter
Be like Cannon

Dis youth terrible attention deficit
Loose oversized jeans with no belts

Chucks no laces
No braces with sores on gums

Son I’m no ignorant chump
I got my knowledge I signed up for illuminati
When I’m alone I’m a monster
When I’m with peoples I get shook

How you do it Ant
In front of all those people

Big pool gotta dive in
How are you surviving

Ridiculous fool running around weary mask
Sociably barely known locally
Vocally identified before having any place

In bullshit conversation
Inject isolation intravenously

Previously desired greater mananas
Now prisoner of your palabras

Disciplined by drama
Can’t even pretend to be calmer

Hypebeast is on overdrive
Stupido zone eyeballs rolling back in blessed skull
Beloved baba precedent over rising above
Elevation held back by grimy gravity

What is sanity when we all barely hanging on

Nails poorly hammered floor board squeaking
One eye peeking behind bangs

Don’t let your hope hang off a tree
Can you believe blood on leaves from brown brain

Hanging in breeze sad strange fruit
Pursuit of death instead of defining your life

Fetti Cheddar Guap Paper Currensy Stacks

Disposable income

Preexisting condition with affliction
To ignoring cultural tradition

How can this transition into raw capital
Suitable for social economic political guerilla warfare

Known knowns
Known unknown

Hood shorties voluntarily give up
Because of subliminal intimidation

Plantations been preserved
Invisible chains around decaying brain

Withering body
Unhealthy processed bodega
Tasty synthetic food
Hunger pains give ill attitude

Students said it’s too dark in projects
Can only read by streetlight

Bleak vision fuzzy focus
They leave the TV on so commercials
Can program their dreams

Gold plated ghetto
Is not as shiny as it seems with

Delicious distraction
Fashionable fads
Terror trends

Can’t recognize
Who is enemy
Who is friend

None left
Vulture scavengers have bled
Remainder of revolution

Mosquito drone fly into ear
Make you zone to lower levels

Scan barcode of humanity
Only see veins intoxicated

Corrupt chemicals
Inedible vegetables

Seeds sown in contaminated soil
Guns oil diamonds

Carrot dangling silly rabbits
Will never feast

Ain’t no place safe
When eyes always watching

Plotting sophisticated algorithm
Disrupting electric signals
Governing stressed nervous system

Delayed reaction makes you
Destroy your brother
Slander your sister

Misguided violence produces
Empty existence

So ignorant never learned how to listen
Mire bobito
Pon atencion

Greatest weapon is a burnt tongue
Waiting to scream
Declare the pain

We need world to change
Overcoming internal conflict

Soul guiding purpose
Application of essential knowledge

Critical to resurrection of reason
Believe in pigment’s power

Melanin reflection of sun
Heart’s drum will forever keep a descarga beat

Ready to improvise the inevitable antidote to poison
Polluting our Pa’lante

Upon entrance
Make a ninja like exit

Leaving bodies behind you
With rest of tomorrow in front of
Glossy eyes unafraid of frightful fate

Is it all too late
To start making a comeback

Nah Son
Ain’t where you from
How you break out that trap

Soundview Clason Point Gardens Bronx NY 10473

Be the X

Factorization can multiply
Poverty times benign neglect times

Gentrification times eminent domain
Cross Bronx over community

Jonas Bronck and Robert Moses
Act so foolishly

One dead settler
One dead conqueror

Shape land migrants tear limbs to pieces
Rare species born from same toxic atoms

Phantoms lurking in dark dreams
Won’t let you realize tropical fantasy

Reverse pilgrimage ancestral travels
Recollect vessels chartered
Over troubled agua

City of bones will rise out ocean
Let gem sparkle in sweaty palms

Criss cross country find calm morning after
Shootout concrete still simmer from slugs

Roll up prayer rug inside project temple
All praises flow out window

Smoke catches cool breeze
Dry mouth to divine ear wax

Drop blessing bomb
So we can grab piece of glory

Rub sunshine on face
Even if eyes open
Are you still alive
Pride is pa’lante prize
Retreating further closer you step

Doubt’s depth could drown you
Shallowest puddles of Orchard Beach

Reach from University to Gildersleeve
From Gun Hill to Brook

Back to Story and Noble
Clason Point Gardens

Needs quilombo’s courage
Stake claim what little we got

Heart mind flesh
Raised from root to reach for stars

Outta here on next gypsy cab
Another parts unknown

Quickly seconds fade
Fux your copywritten realness

Better dead demons
Bullshit dues been paid

where you headed

No sense of direction

Lack of purpose
Declaring you will be rich means you broke

Slowly recover liberation
Critical consciousness takes effort

Please don’t be impatient
Awakened by brand new energy

Chemistry impacted unbalanced brain
Wicked synapse

Soul on different track
Eventually be derailed

Kid quiere crema
Throw spoiled milk on brain

Distracted as flies dipped
Mugola all twisted and distorted

Chuckle if you started to cry
Eye water would be non stop

Trickle to river
You need to be baptized in bullshit

If you was displayed in a shrine
Monument to lack of memories
In remembrance of annoyed enemies

Disgusted by obnoxiousness
Anxiety curls 5 chains around reason
Rap battle zero hypeman

Solitary voice shaking nervous system
Resume won’t release you from prison
False headstart

Scar over bridge of nose where 3rd ojo dwells
How lovely
Residing in very own luxury hell

You don’t become more coherent
Louder you yell