No Tienes Miedo This Halloween

Do not be afraid

Do not be wicked when you barely been innocent
Do not be militant if you not willing to die for your noble fraud

Do not be self righteous when you can barely wipe your ass
Do not be curious if you comfortable in your ignorant bliss

Do not be wise fool be broke and happy with your simple ways
Do not expect tomorrow to be easy if you can’t deal with today’s troubles

Do not waste your soothing moments with tense tontos
Who have no sense of where they are headed like you
Lost hanging on rolling up hoping to hear something good

Do not judge the next man when you have been
As played out papi chulo as plastic playerific
Fatalistic fiend tempermental teen
Motherfucking machisto who makes up his own myth

Do not perfect your craft let your gut hang chichos all lovely

Do not hold onto heroes as superhuman
Pedestal got peglegs attached to carefully painted portrait

Do not get flashy with your fame stay simple as hungry as you came
Do not turn lame making literati laugh but the homies couldn’t catch the joke

Do not smoke with paranoid ghost dogs who take freebie chiefies

Do not weaken your speech to narrow your reach

Do not release your grip while riding shaky train

Do not just maintain current malaise escape invisibility completely conspicuous
Do not get lonely when crowded accidental flagrance purposeful fragrance

Do not be vague vagrant blend with transience transition your hues mix with greys

Do not be careful with what you say careless what you can sculpt rocky terrain

Do not let tears remain tasty salty cheeks stubbly bumble
Do not fumble mumble or grumble

Do not hold on to bundles you can’t handle
Pass out pounds
Roll up the Constitution so you can burn away your right to be a delirious luxury loving citizen of prepackaged organic

Do not take your anger out on a shadow
Darkness has nothing to do with your depths
How far you’ve sunk shows how much you can rise

Do not be shook or shy
World will see fear
As soon as you blink misty eyes

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