Fetti Cheddar Guap Paper Currensy Stacks

Disposable income

Preexisting condition with affliction
To ignoring cultural tradition

How can this transition into raw capital
Suitable for social economic political guerilla warfare

Known knowns
Known unknown

Hood shorties voluntarily give up
Because of subliminal intimidation

Plantations been preserved
Invisible chains around decaying brain

Withering body
Unhealthy processed bodega
Tasty synthetic food
Hunger pains give ill attitude

Students said it’s too dark in projects
Can only read by streetlight

Bleak vision fuzzy focus
They leave the TV on so commercials
Can program their dreams

Gold plated ghetto
Is not as shiny as it seems with

Delicious distraction
Fashionable fads
Terror trends

Can’t recognize
Who is enemy
Who is friend

None left
Vulture scavengers have bled
Remainder of revolution

Mosquito drone fly into ear
Make you zone to lower levels

Scan barcode of humanity
Only see veins intoxicated

Corrupt chemicals
Inedible vegetables

Seeds sown in contaminated soil
Guns oil diamonds

Carrot dangling silly rabbits
Will never feast

Ain’t no place safe
When eyes always watching

Plotting sophisticated algorithm
Disrupting electric signals
Governing stressed nervous system

Delayed reaction makes you
Destroy your brother
Slander your sister

Misguided violence produces
Empty existence

So ignorant never learned how to listen
Mire bobito
Pon atencion

Greatest weapon is a burnt tongue
Waiting to scream
Declare the pain

We need world to change
Overcoming internal conflict

Soul guiding purpose
Application of essential knowledge

Critical to resurrection of reason
Believe in pigment’s power

Melanin reflection of sun
Heart’s drum will forever keep a descarga beat

Ready to improvise the inevitable antidote to poison
Polluting our Pa’lante

Upon entrance
Make a ninja like exit

Leaving bodies behind you
With rest of tomorrow in front of
Glossy eyes unafraid of frightful fate

Is it all too late
To start making a comeback

Nah Son
Ain’t where you from
How you break out that trap

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