MC Tipo Loco Mixtape Vol Ill

Make it Rain Journals
                After RS

Un tipo loco declares
I got an interview with Harvard tomorrow
Gonna get up at 1 am right now its 1130 am

Been screaming non stop
Gillie da kid ghostwriter
Be like Cannon

Dis youth terrible attention deficit
Loose oversized jeans with no belts

Chucks no laces
No braces with sores on gums

Son I’m no ignorant chump
I got my knowledge I signed up for illuminati
When I’m alone I’m a monster
When I’m with peoples I get shook

How you do it Ant
In front of all those people

Big pool gotta dive in
How are you surviving

Ridiculous fool running around weary mask
Sociably barely known locally
Vocally identified before having any place

In bullshit conversation
Inject isolation intravenously

Previously desired greater mananas
Now prisoner of your palabras

Disciplined by drama
Can’t even pretend to be calmer

Hypebeast is on overdrive
Stupido zone eyeballs rolling back in blessed skull
Beloved baba precedent over rising above
Elevation held back by grimy gravity

What is sanity when we all barely hanging on

Nails poorly hammered floor board squeaking
One eye peeking behind bangs

Don’t let your hope hang off a tree
Can you believe blood on leaves from brown brain

Hanging in breeze sad strange fruit
Pursuit of death instead of defining your life

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