Soundview Clason Point Gardens Bronx NY 10473

Be the X

Factorization can multiply
Poverty times benign neglect times

Gentrification times eminent domain
Cross Bronx over community

Jonas Bronck and Robert Moses
Act so foolishly

One dead settler
One dead conqueror

Shape land migrants tear limbs to pieces
Rare species born from same toxic atoms

Phantoms lurking in dark dreams
Won’t let you realize tropical fantasy

Reverse pilgrimage ancestral travels
Recollect vessels chartered
Over troubled agua

City of bones will rise out ocean
Let gem sparkle in sweaty palms

Criss cross country find calm morning after
Shootout concrete still simmer from slugs

Roll up prayer rug inside project temple
All praises flow out window

Smoke catches cool breeze
Dry mouth to divine ear wax

Drop blessing bomb
So we can grab piece of glory

Rub sunshine on face
Even if eyes open
Are you still alive
Pride is pa’lante prize
Retreating further closer you step

Doubt’s depth could drown you
Shallowest puddles of Orchard Beach

Reach from University to Gildersleeve
From Gun Hill to Brook

Back to Story and Noble
Clason Point Gardens

Needs quilombo’s courage
Stake claim what little we got

Heart mind flesh
Raised from root to reach for stars

Outta here on next gypsy cab
Another parts unknown

Quickly seconds fade
Fux your copywritten realness

Better dead demons
Bullshit dues been paid

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