Ya Understand Me

Ya Understand Me?


The otherside of nuclear                            More like benign bombs

Never meant to blow                             only sit quiet wait to be broken down


No need for peace treaty

More like declaration of intentions to speak freely


Like Heal the World make it a better place

Shoulda just started on my block


They don’t want the Bronx to organize

Because our reparations would like the reservations

Neglect can negate your very existence

An insistence on instigating your instinct


Things fall apart barely hanging intact

The natural setting leaves nature sitting

The hatred simmering til the suffering steak is sautéed


Medium well                            the tedious spell of dizzying cycles

Riding that wave more like tidal

Before drowning in your spit puddle


Wear a life jacket in those deepwaters of reflection

Perception is more important than confessing


All those back of the closet secrets whose bones

Still rattle and clang                            trying to find the hood where freedom hang


Him and my mother kissing cousins                            but what do we face now?

An empty crib with a cat making dog growls


Pictures from yesteryears that tell you half the story

Fill in the rest                            thinking bout how did we end up here gets me stressed

Conventionally conveniently silent

Montage of memories that keep echoing the entropy


Mental telepathy would be amazing

Power to transport me faraway

To the fantasy side of family where

There is always a happy ending               everyone says good night



This rendition has a reservation at the windows of my world

Beautiful night to examine the skyline of my spirit

Every valley and peak                            each alley and street

That hides a little bit of my hope

Behind a tree under a rock by the fence

Sit on the bench the secret note will be hidden above

Or below the brick holding the keystone


Type to roam dust between bones

Mellow all alone sleepy sometimes scared


Beware when the heart bounce

Cautiously avoid being caught up feeling like luck

Is something only a dolla might provide


Along with the public there is a darkside

Where the light don’t shine too bright we ain’t wrapped too tight


A loose pull leads to a weak push


Hard to even open the door for a quick look

Contents shaken under pressure ready to burst


Curses are symptomatic of the larger havoc

If you could open the attic only imagine what you could find


All the divine signs that have shown you

To walk the thousand steps down the path


Of Pa’lante so that nadie


can ever


Take your love from your hands



Pro- Claim


Where’s the monument to surviving the ghetto


We only celebrate independence

To becoming dependent on this beloved country


We hold cookouts on courtyards

Of public housing named after dead presidents

Who never wanted us residents of these blessed blocks


We have holidays and days off

Commerate the closing of our culture


So where to run when we need

Moments of sincerity amongst the insanity


Let’s claim every corner in honor of fallen soldiers

Whose shadows hang over our broken spirits


The Bronx River is like Rio Grande de Loiza

You might still see Julia De Burgos

Screaming at the wind They Lie They Lie


All vacant lots have become jardines del pueblo

We plant our souls in the soil

So we can reap the revolution

With no apologies complaints or do overs

Mix blood with water in the dirt

So our past can fertilize the future


Tomorrow will bloom like bouquets of Pa’lante

Allowing the peoples smiles to blossom


Every streetlight will have inspirational quotes

From our freedom fighting writers

De La Vega will sidechalk Become Your Dream

Raimundi Ortiz will capture our heroes in murals

Yasmin Hernandez will paint each every soul rebel


Telephone booths will become recording studios

To create the next Cantante India or Pun


Newspapers should have a daily quote from Albizu

To affirm the lifelong quest for freedom


All diplomas will come with a pastele attached

So you can feed your mind and body


Bacardi will sterilize all wounds

Don Q might make you feel better


If your child is acting up

There are break in case of emergency chancletas

For all neighbors to use on sinverguenzas


Chupacabras are the boogiemen

Who invade the dark and crawl under your bed

Keeping you afraid of the unknown


Use your Dylcia and Filiberto nightlights

To push you to be brave


Ramon Emetario Betances

Said that no man should ever be a slave

Nor should your mind be trapped in a cage


I was told that freedom is like air

Either you have it or don’t


Miles from the enchanted island

Still trying to get back home


Where the trees stand testimony to our triumph

Coquis create the sound of blood through veins


We must leave a legacy

Showing that we conquered as they came


But our statues will be dancing salsa

Even our piedras will be insane


Shit to Write About

Shit to Write About

              After Willie Perdomo


The way the world turns counterclockwise

How the moon is in the morning sky to wish on

When the sound of the city screams sing your song

A stray cat strolls on by searching the meal

Transactions under train tracks dark midnite

Snuggled closely to a warm body

Love get defined in between dreams and nightmares

Why freedom is being auctioned to the highest quitter

Pushing the definition of real nigga

Who uses liquor for the truth serum to get in touch

With long lost ancestors who eventually abandoned

The main source of any power that comes from within

Mini crisis la Montana from a hill of ants

The precise moment before you ask the devil to dance

All those young faces in faded curled up pictures

Hidden messages behind withered scriptures

Lessons that got learned far too late

Sessions where you burned tried to escape

Unfinished masterpieces revealing ultimate secret

Characters with sketches too close to self portraits

Standing under streetlight silhoutee

Creating sexy looking shadows

To make you infatuated with the darkness

The heartless showing purpose and humanity

The soldiers staring in the mirror

Mysterious murder like the vanity

An affair that is conspicuous yet to be disclosed

A reflection that is shattered

Dropping rocks into puddles

Complex puzzles with the pieces waiting to be arranged

Finally recognizing this happy life won’t be the same

Riding the train home to parts unknown

The road less traveled towards the end of its course

The ultramagnetic force pulling you back to the block

With every teardrop comes new triumph

Still running towards destiny

When will the DJ cue Time’s Up

All those parties poppin til the breakadawn

The sun shines brilliantly on your path

Add up the disparate numbers to get fuzzy math

Where you holding on to hope for a little bit longer

When you slip how soft is the ground beneath you

When you rise how low is the see thru ceiling

If the only option is death then start planning your funeral

Find a suitable composition that might

Transition your abilities to higher altitudes

instead of lower attitudes that attach you to tragedy

combine the undercurrent of apathy

along with the subtleties of nihilism shake violently

to explode like your Tropical Fantasy

you are entitled to absolute effort

otherwise you are selling yourself a sucka for sale

you get discounts on dumb shit add taxes to intelligence

pass your prayers to the president

your responses won’t be politically correct

before you step on stage

make sure your lyrics

pass the mic check


O that yr word

O that’s your word?


What can I tell you

That you haven’t heard


Let me make that regular look extra exotic

Let the same shit different day

Turn into different destiny same smile


If the world revolves around you

How can we make the orbit orgasmic

Cosmic courage that could conquer any demons

Dreaming of finding the meaning

When you define the purpose why you searching


Maybe that inspiration will drop from the sky

Let gravity’s good graces guide you out the ghetto


Make heaven echo your effort

Hell will envy then wanna trade places

Ill if grill was stuck on fuck faces

You could forecast your ecstacy to the planet

Stretch that moment into a lifetime of loving


Laugh until you reside in New Snort City

Chuckle until you choke giggle til those good times gush


Attributed fortune to luck but the divine

Donated you with your lovelies as a chance

To block the ugly


Let your blessings bubble over the lip of the sink

Run your hands through the thick air that fill your lungs


Talk your shit as loud as you can

Walk your shit as proud as you can


Wear your skin illest designer and copywritten

Pigment plantation destroys

All factories of frustration


Have you folded your future

Renewed and maintained your creases


Let the coming days off the leash

Screaming comeback you have barely trained the beast

Camouflage your code for explicit expression

Emotion is a weapon that can barely be silenced

Automatic continuation of chaos causes


Iced out chain reactions that will freeze happiness

Melt memories of dancing in the sunlight


When frivolous becomes fatal you finally

Might blink but instead you say fuck that

I’ma do me whatever that blindly means


Easily find your way into a scheme

That beams holograms of hope back

To real time horrorshows starring you

Absent minded accomplice with blood on your hands


If your brain draws blanks it prolly spits them as well

Hands tightly wrapped around bars in the cell


Visions of happilyeverafter become 3distant

After the Dutch mastered your vocals

The producer punch in your power

Adlibbing admonishment to your adversaries


Inadvertently you tripped over urgency

Like oh yeah I gotta be focused as opposed to

Stressed out and hopeless maintain the positive


As long as you gotta live you gotta give

A damn fuck or shit whatever you may choose


Whatever your choice

Voice must scream the truth


friday june 4th, nuyorican poets cafe
10 pm co feature with mike mcgee

it's been awhile. props to mo browne for hooking this up. this past decade has seen some ups and downs and the nuyo has helped me through it all. a stage a mic an audience that will listen. thanks to the universe. this couldn't have come at a better time.

far cry from the first time after the 97 grand slam in the open room. i wanna say morris the stegosarus rocked before me. i read something about being 16 and trying to wake up. i remember a line like my heart is upside down roses hanging on the wall waiting to dry and wither away. damn. i still be feeling like that.

if you around come drop by. it would be cool to reconnect with folks. oh yeah i'm getting married in july. holla.