O that yr word

O that’s your word?


What can I tell you

That you haven’t heard


Let me make that regular look extra exotic

Let the same shit different day

Turn into different destiny same smile


If the world revolves around you

How can we make the orbit orgasmic

Cosmic courage that could conquer any demons

Dreaming of finding the meaning

When you define the purpose why you searching


Maybe that inspiration will drop from the sky

Let gravity’s good graces guide you out the ghetto


Make heaven echo your effort

Hell will envy then wanna trade places

Ill if grill was stuck on fuck faces

You could forecast your ecstacy to the planet

Stretch that moment into a lifetime of loving


Laugh until you reside in New Snort City

Chuckle until you choke giggle til those good times gush


Attributed fortune to luck but the divine

Donated you with your lovelies as a chance

To block the ugly


Let your blessings bubble over the lip of the sink

Run your hands through the thick air that fill your lungs


Talk your shit as loud as you can

Walk your shit as proud as you can


Wear your skin illest designer and copywritten

Pigment plantation destroys

All factories of frustration


Have you folded your future

Renewed and maintained your creases


Let the coming days off the leash

Screaming comeback you have barely trained the beast

Camouflage your code for explicit expression

Emotion is a weapon that can barely be silenced

Automatic continuation of chaos causes


Iced out chain reactions that will freeze happiness

Melt memories of dancing in the sunlight


When frivolous becomes fatal you finally

Might blink but instead you say fuck that

I’ma do me whatever that blindly means


Easily find your way into a scheme

That beams holograms of hope back

To real time horrorshows starring you

Absent minded accomplice with blood on your hands


If your brain draws blanks it prolly spits them as well

Hands tightly wrapped around bars in the cell


Visions of happilyeverafter become 3distant

After the Dutch mastered your vocals

The producer punch in your power

Adlibbing admonishment to your adversaries


Inadvertently you tripped over urgency

Like oh yeah I gotta be focused as opposed to

Stressed out and hopeless maintain the positive


As long as you gotta live you gotta give

A damn fuck or shit whatever you may choose


Whatever your choice

Voice must scream the truth


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