Para Los Padres

Fathers’ Day Weekend 2013

Throwback isolation 4 walls
At your request for a moment to breathe

Cloudy emotions mixed up mental
Everyday celebrates your wonderful blessings

Just be thankful for all you got
in two blinks all that positivity can stop

Trips around origins signifies you been
Going in circles

Looking for what been lost
Cost of otherside fork
Too much you could never handle

Easy to ramble about close calls
Tight gambles house always wins
Easy to get locked on couch
Never head out
Even though beautiful days await

Hope you have been given foundation
Begin life’s legacy of healthy memories
Rising steadily overflow eye dams

Drip down invisible masks no livable past
Painful present with fatalistic future

Nurture opposite of pessimistic visions
Release your demons to escape
Lonely prisons

You will be able to hold your son’s hand tighter

Please gather the strength to become a better man
Lover scholar fighter
Soldier rock comforter role model

Not another so called leader whose message rings hollow
Years later no solid reflection to follow

Don’t run from your responsibility
Embrace the challenge

Amari wants to learn from you
Give him proper guidance

For thriving not just simple survival
Your presence and energy is vital

Be of sound mind healthy body developing soul
Forever in control aware of your surroundings

Keep good company proudly introduce your people
Don’t let your honorable history be a burden
A mystery allows you to turn from prior mistakes

Triumphs stand tall
Never slump chump

Essence got so much funk ritmo
Shake that good foot

Jump to grab a star from the sky to light up the earth
Cada cabeza es un mundo

Found my connection to multiverse
Keeping love in constant rotation

Your truest smile
Demonstrates infinite worth


Sale ahorita

Can never leave

Anticipation of too much to come
Want a part of the action

Even though bell ringing
I’m still here searching working on a masterpiece

Won’t cast a jinx black cloud
Trademarked frownys scowl across brown triangle

Love peace happiness
Bulldozed rose bush

Remember EVERYTHING you can
For time remaining

How much more explaining does divine
Has to remind you on daily

No failing admitting shortcomings long goings
Carrying dropping logs

Science building less destroying
Employing abilities in tune with faculty

Streak of independence
Abolish referendum asking you for more freedom

Seeking royalty within reflection
Please don’t get too twisted
So your movements are impaired

Life is dark project stairs
Where everyone stares at the ground

Sky is too bright
Even hurts to look at your shadow

Pour a gallon of your regret in the gutter
So you could regurgitate all the hate
Painful poison numb your own noise

Complex symphony glorious ghetto imagery
Broken hearted window symmetry
Jagged dagger sympathy

Grand dragon government wizardry
Hunger howl til echoes in brain

Heavy steady burden higher burning
Halfway learning leads to weak application

Wandering while rambling
Unfocused mission statement

Copy that carbon footprint
Matching unique finger

Be the suit not that hanger
Make the beat write the song
Construct a banger top pop chart

Chopped slopped
Spark after screw rolled a lil loose
Almost like a lil space in noose

Slight dash of lies with harsh truth
Candles won’t provide proper wattage

Only back to essence origin
Where we all started

Individual to collective
Stark difference illustrate perspective

Color shades dimensions
All the jails our minds kept in

Isolated direction
Without opportunity to network

Make connections
Look in eyes to acknowledge existence

Absolute miracles we are still living
Lift a glass burn for those gone

We always mourn but
Celebrate a chance to smile and laugh

Funny how fast our magical lives pass


Smack City

Smacked lifted

charged up non pg 13 version of explicit life
turn off lights but keep electricity flowing

enough to return in one piece
to explain origin of debauchery

taught to see stranger danger
as they plot long range

hard to rearrange pieces to fractured skull
when push pull factors have been negated

frustrated gentrification creeper faster
than dust on face hard to run race
when every move is watched

who is forgotten when only faded mural remains
emptiness riding on desolate train

kids gone blown past curfew
stuck molly in butthole
still channel surfing bad girls club
gangland teen mom
ring alarm media brainwashed youth

metaphysical parody oppression psychological
grey clouds pits stink smell
like harsh truth light henny

an existential abyss
doing more pullups than pushdowns

upchuck purging poisons
add antipathy for cold antipasto of apathy

laugh at our own demise
complicit with early ending

far from happy
good doctor said peace is absence of tension

backedup rage won't let page turn
when mirror reflects blank stares

gave 2 thumbs up for instant approval
stark perusal at bleak record on repeat

gravitational pull falling apart from center

half was a mistake
other you don't remember