Smack City

Smacked lifted

charged up non pg 13 version of explicit life
turn off lights but keep electricity flowing

enough to return in one piece
to explain origin of debauchery

taught to see stranger danger
as they plot long range

hard to rearrange pieces to fractured skull
when push pull factors have been negated

frustrated gentrification creeper faster
than dust on face hard to run race
when every move is watched

who is forgotten when only faded mural remains
emptiness riding on desolate train

kids gone blown past curfew
stuck molly in butthole
still channel surfing bad girls club
gangland teen mom
ring alarm media brainwashed youth

metaphysical parody oppression psychological
grey clouds pits stink smell
like harsh truth light henny

an existential abyss
doing more pullups than pushdowns

upchuck purging poisons
add antipathy for cold antipasto of apathy

laugh at our own demise
complicit with early ending

far from happy
good doctor said peace is absence of tension

backedup rage won't let page turn
when mirror reflects blank stares

gave 2 thumbs up for instant approval
stark perusal at bleak record on repeat

gravitational pull falling apart from center

half was a mistake
other you don't remember

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