brown skin baby...

Because you are brown

You were born in a trap

Set whenever you attempt

To obtain your freedom

Looking like a new book

New friends new mind

Trap says you can’t do it

You are not smart enough

You are not beautiful enough

You are never enough

You believe every doubt

As easily as you eat

Because you are depressed

You don’t even try to smile

Frown at your future

Fall in love with false philosophy

Feel like presence doesn’t matter

So might make self disappear

In a heartbeat

Because you never listened to wind screaming

Your life matters

But only if you love this moment

Make an infinity of right nows

Probably manana

Because you write you have to

Love palabras

Show silence exactly how you feel

Violence tries to kill everything

You already sacrificed

Because you thought twice

In that blink bounced

Better opportunities to build community

You need to start giving more hugs and kisses

Daps and pounds

Attack what attempts to censor your every measure

Gain knowledge wisdom from each lecture

Because you were stuck behind forced to play catch up

Game is over once final buzzer rings

Overtime when successful strategy get applied

Because you are tired too sleepy

To finish the work you have started

Rest in power to dearly departed

Welcome to babies who just arrived

Because you are breathing

Born to survive beyond ghetto existence

Next level constant elder elevation

Because you are loved

You must manifest

Ancient ancestors liberation

Blood humming inside you

Because you are here

You are vital to us

Because you are my familia

You have mi amor and trust

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