ju heard?

You heard

Dame la botella so we can get right
Pour me a swig so we wavy boi

Pause so I can get a sweet flick
I’ll swing all over the bars
Just to make a public spectacle

No belt
See my sweaty wedgie

Fuck it top 5 who really cares
We doing pole tricks til we get to the city

Watch out
I wanna bust my ass and look foolish

Clueless we dropping liqs everywhere
No respect for NYC
The city shits on me
Why I gotta care for someone else

Once I become major league
Gonna be a guaranteed block party
For everyone each night

I know the hood fucked up like me
Prospects for future all time high
I can get off ten deep on one bluntville

Ain’t nobody got time to be relearning shit
I already forgot

We out to the otherside
To do absolutely nothing

While saying very little
Although we gonna be loud as fuck

Costs to be down with cool kids
Privilege means you got responsibilities
And shit like that

None of them can fulfill
Except eager stereotype
You reject and confirm as you burn
Before during and after school

Lunch never tasted so good
Understand life expectancy of hood
Is hush conversation so consciousness
Camouflaged like cargos carrying nothing

Let’s make it happen
Chasing empty dreams on a path to perdition
In unjust system showtime with street rhythm

Brolic with nonsense to get most attention
Pretending never concerned

But deep down scorned by scars
That won’t heal
Won’t get too deep to reveal
Precise autobiography you don’t deserve
The truth only censored

730 act designed to convince you
Lack of currency urgently hiding
Courage easy to procrastinate
Except you are no longer young
With fewer options

Death has knocked too many times
You never cashed a blank check

Written to you dropped from holy heaven
You don’t believe in self
Much less fake friends

How will you make it

All depends

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