mira esas caras

Look at those faces

Mira esas caras
El cielo winks and smirks

Got me believing Divine
Had fingers crossed when he was making us
Promises he would eventually keep

Did your hustle add up to enough merit
Gifted and talented status that distances you
From your hood hardly recognizing your roots

You was on the block they discussed in class
And didn’t find any of those pathologies or theories
Cited in academic articles footnoting your faith

Laughed at lectures because professor ideas were all wrongly
Based on faulty research

Patriarchal genocidal white supremacy
Hierarchy fallacy of savage natives
When all they do is take our creation

Wonder why we so impatient
We living on borrowed time
Was loaned Smoking Lovely
Was supposed to return it in two weeks
Overdue charges
Were worth all the bad credit

Need to chill soak in the ocean skin a sponge
Heart a drum to make the waves
Crash against mind’s shore
Memories overflood motivation
Until immobilized watching the movement maintain

While yall were up in VIP
We were behind the velvet rope in the rain
Hoping to shimmy shoulders until sweaty

Shake off ancient oppression lethargic lint
Clinging to static shock as erratic clock

Second hand skips precious few moments to never return
All that privilege low on totem pole

What did weactually learn as the mundo turned
What did we shout to make the world stop spinning

Silent screams won’t deliver destiny
Exclusive 16s might make you platinum

The sun will give you a shout out
Only if you up in time to hear lovely livelification

Don’t let that determination turn drowsy
Beautiful day even if it’s cloudy
Sky said what’s good fuck your frownys

Don’t slide with fiction stay true to your honesty
Any probably should be most definite certainty

Universe has no sense of urgency
But a thunderous cackle at your agonizing absurdity

Mumbling your definition fumbling with your tradition
Bopping on the block please stop bullshitting

It’s raining because Jesus Christ
Crying at how we living

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