what it do

what's poppin' folks? kid been on a cyber hiatus disclosing all this personal material...last yall heard i was in trinidad limin' it up. been on that grizzle just trying to stay above water ya underdig me?

what is the world coming to? ya man bush is buggin every time he opens his eyes. how can we blow like 9.8 billion dollars a month on the war? (i thought i was buggin too) think of the things we can do if you spent that money on really protecting people, like giving them health care, education, affordable housing, jobs. i ain't even democrat, but isn't this america? I could use other letter choices, but then i might get hate mail. how many more of our problems could be solved not like over night but keep it real. why make it more difficult than it already is. i think that the rich just like their organic food, while the poor just get western beef.

my bad for the soapbox after the delay, but just had to get that off the chest.

my whereabouts:
rutgers new brunswick
soho 323
i co host the nuyorican friday night open 1am till...free!!! oldest open mic in nyc...shout outs to a- trayn who has held it down for a while...
i was out in the bay area shout outs to the peoples in oaksterdam holding me down everybody at youth speaks...it was ill..the bay is the other spot i'd live in the US...for real.

currently top shottas in the ipod

new alchemist album who is that kid bobby creekwater?
new mobb deep blood money...i'm a mobb head i can't front it's aight. i won't hate.
any new jim jones
i'm sure i mention cool calm pete and my man bisc1 over at embedded killing it
big ups to sohh.com, allhiphop.com, soul-sides.com and all the websites filling the ears...

have a blessed spring...be well...i'll be back....eff the govihater...